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Newborn photography South Wales - natural baby photography - Indra, James & Ottie

Let’s talk about Indra and her session full of gorgeous natural baby photography! Indra reached out to me on Instagram near the end of her pregnancy. We got to chatting, mostly about how horrendous is was to be so very pregnant in the middle of an intense heat wave! I felt her pain, there was a tropical like heatwave at the end of my pregnancy and I remember the discomfort and the looks of pity from sweaty strangers on the street!

Soon she was booking in a consultation call to sort the details of having me create her natural baby photography. We had such a lovely chat, she really was so sweet! I love getting to know my clients a little before our shoot, it’s a great chance for me to put them at ease before I show up with a great big camera!

Not long after our call my inbox went quite and I noticed Indra wasn’t posting on Insta… Normally this would be the signs that you’d been ghosted…BUT as it is my job to create natural baby photography, I’m used to this occurrence. It’s not a sign of ghosting, no, it’s a sign of baby!

It wasn’t long before that message landed in my inbox that baby was now earthside and Indra was ready to celebrate babys arrival with a session full of natural baby photography!

Indra and her partner James welcomed me into their beautiful home just outside of Hereford to meet their wonderful little girl Ottilie, Ottie for short. Otties Mum and Dad were full of pride and they weren’t alone either! The families faithful dog Dora also seemed completely besotted with her little baby sister. I knew it was going to be easy to create natural baby photography with this beaming family.

We started our session with some relaxed portraits of the whole family. And of course that meant Dora too. If you’ve seen any of my other sessions you probably know how insistent I am that dogs are included in our natural baby photography sessions! They’re just as important a member of the family as anyone else. And I think it’s wonderful to document the protective, pack like love a dog shows when a baby is brought into their home. Dog lover heaven!

After lots of shots of smiling parents and a contented baby we took the session upstairs. Before I share with you some of the most intimate natural baby photography I’ve ever taken, we have one more shot of Dora! She was such a good pup, she was so excited about having a stranger in the house and was desperate to be my little shadow BUT she knew she wasn’t allowed upstairs. So whilst I waited for Indra and James to get themselves comfy I spotted this obedient dog resting her chin on the bottom step, staring up longingly and wagging her tail!

I had the family cwtch up on their bed and asked them to share their birth story with me. I cannot get enough of hearing peoples birth stories and I feel it’s important for Mothers to share them. Positive or not, telling your story can help you to process the immense experience that is birth!

All in all the whole session was a breeze, Indra and James were both wonderful, easy to chat with and even easier to photograph. Ottie in all her glorious perfection was an absolute star throughout and was chilled throughout. Even through a nappy and wardrobe change!

I’m so thankful that this warm family trusted me to document this incredible chapter of their lives. And I really hope this natural baby photography brings them joy for years to come!

If you want to come chat to me on Instagram too you just need to click here.

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And if you would like to chat about creating your own timeless portraits in the comfort of your home, please drop me a message!


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