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Newborn Photography South Wales - Natural Newborn Photography - Abergavenny

I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte and Ben just a few weeks back when they invited me into their Abergavenny home to document their pregnancy. Then the message arrived in my inbox to tell me that their wonderful son Jaxson had arrived safe and sound! It was time to return their home and capturing their intimate natural newborn photography.

We started our session of natural newborn photography relaxed on the sofa as Charlotte told me her birth story. This is undoubtedly my favourite conversation topic! Whilst Ben and Charlotte shared their story I captured calming images of Jaxson fast asleep cradled in his Dads hands. I love images of babies asleep in the arms of their parents. It seems they fit in those arms for such a short time, it’s important to capture the moment before they grow in the blink of an eye!

After a lovely snooze Jaxson was awake and wanting to be a part of the action. But with a few cuddles and a good feed he was soon once again fast asleep and ready for some more natural newborn photography.

Before a natural newborn photography session I always ask clients if they have any ‘must have shots’. Moments they particularly wish to document or images they have seen elsewhere and would simply love to have too. Charlotte sent me an image like this one below and I have to say I love it! It’s such a fun image to enjoy.

We headed to the bedroom to capture lots of sweet natural newborn photography of the family all cuddled up together. Special mention to the image of Charlotte laid down next to Jaxson, her smile just says it all. So much love and joy!

Similar to what I was saying earlier about having natural newborn photography with baby fitting perfectly in your arms, I’m also a sucker for a shot of those tiny little baby feet! There’s something so delightful about babies feet, I know I’m not the only one obsessed with them. I’ve had many clients talk about how scrumptious those little piggies are!!

We finished our natural newborn photography session with Mum and Dad taking it turns to shower Jaxson with kisses, cuddles and love. Which I’m sure is how they spend most of their waking moments now baby is finally here!

It’s always so lovely to meet a couple during their pregnancy and watch them as they transform once baby has arrived. There’s no journey quite like that of becoming a parent and I am so so very grateful to Ben and Charlotte for letting me play my own small role in that journey. Thank you!

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