Newborn Photography South Wales - New Baby Photoshoot - Hannah, Josh & Eoin

It’s time to share Hannah, Josh and Eoin in their gorgeous new baby photoshoot which took place last year. I’ve been desperate to share this session and I’ve loved revisiting these images to write this today. This is the families second appearance on the blog, last time I was sharing Hannahs maternity session and now here is baby Eoin!

My new baby photoshoots often start with families hanging out on the sofa. Everyone piled on, cuddling and cooing with baby. An essential shot to capture in my humble opinion. You might wonder why? Well I think it’s a sight we can all relate to. When baby is brand new, you cwtch up on the sofa with your partner and you just stare at your new baby for HOURS. Taking in every little detail, exclaiming that this baby is THE best baby there has ever been. There has never been a baby quite as perfect as this. And both sit there waiting for it to sink in that this wonderful little baby is YOUR wonderful little baby!

Josh and Hannahs home is a gorgeous old building, so cosy, so calm. But as with many older homes (like my own!) it has some teeny tiny, low to the ground windows. Not always ideal for a new baby photoshoot lit entirely with natural light… So after lots of relaxing on the sofa I moved the family over to where the light was best. Sitting on the kitchen floor….Now normally I might think this perhaps an odd spot to take newborn photos BUT as Hannah and Josh are both very accomplished chefs it actually seems very fitting!

Something I noticed and LOVED about this session was just how many little unprompted kisses and cuddles were being shared around between the family. Like this one where Josh kissed Hannahs shoulder as she cradled Eoin. Completely spontaneous and reminded me of a shot from the couples maternity session where Josh did the exact same thing. So much love in this family!! It’s sickening ha but it’s gorgeous!

Sitting on the floor of the kitchen is also where we got lots of loving images of Dad and baby Eoin having a sleepy quite cuddle. These are some of my favourites from the new baby photoshoot! I particularly love the one where Eoin has sleepily lifted his head!

Of course it’s not a new baby photoshoot till I get some shots focused on the bond between Mummy and baby. It’s wonderful to see Hannah beaming down at her son. The look of love and pride clear for everyone to see!

The session was just so easy going, hanging out together and gushing over how beautiful and chilled Eoin was throughout the whole thing! He was a real trooper, a new baby photoshoot can be tiring on baby as the big yawn I captured can attest.

Turns out a photoshoot can also be a bit tiring for Dad too!

To see Hannah and Josh’s maternity photoshoot you can head here.

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