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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photography Cardiff - Bridgend

Please welcome Anna, Phil, Bowen and baby Griff to the blog as I share their newborn photography from their home in Cardiff. I’m so excited to share the images from this relaxed at home session. This is such a lovely family who made my job incredibly easy the only hard part was choosing which photos to share with you now!

A question I get very often from parents is how do you get the babies to do what you need for the photos? Honestly, that’s the easy part of how I create newborn photography, so long as baby is fed, clean and cuddled, they are happy. The tricky part can be getting older siblings involved in the photos! Sometimes parents can feel a little anxious about getting their older children to sit with them for the photos but there’s no need for worry, we always get the images we need, we just have to get a little creative!

Bowen was full of energy when I arrived and as I captured photos of Mum and Dad he happily did laps around the room quoting lines from his current favourite book, the snail and the whale. This book was exactly what was needed to lure Bowen over and join in some of the newborn photography, the best part was that he didn’t even realise what we were doing! We then deployed a tactic that no child can resist, bubbles! I loved these images as you can see just how much Bowen was enjoying himself.

We then let Bowen go back to his very important running and I focused on capturing newborn photography with Dad and Mum. Griff is one of the most chilled out babies I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. He was wide awake for most of the session but was so content in his parents hands that he barely made a peep! That’s what I love about lifestyle newborn photography, we’re capturing these images with baby just where they belong during the 4th trimester, cuddled up to Mum and Dad!

There is of course one sure way to get a newborn off to sleep, filling their tummies! So as Phil and Bowen played in the other room, Anna took the calm moment to nurse Griff into a gentle doze. It’s always lovely to capture images of feeding, it’s one of the most intimate and serene moments shared between baby and parent. So I was sure to capture lots of breastfeeding photos before we created newborn photography images of Mum and baby cuddled up on the bed.

I have to give a special mention to this particular image of Griff so blissfully asleep on the bed. It is simply one of the most dreamy and peaceful pieces of newborn photography I’ve ever created. It reminds me of the hours I myself spent watching my own newborn soundly sleeping!

Finally we gathered the whole family onto the bed to capture these fun newborn photography images. During this big cuddle on the bed we captured some gorgeous images of the two brothers in an embrace. They both did so well and it’s clear to see that Bowen is simply obsessed with his baby brother Griff, sharing lots of lovely kisses and examining every detail of tiny Griff. So sweet!

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