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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photos at Home - Emma, Liam & Eli

In this weeks blog I get to share Emma and Liams newborn session, welcoming baby Eli into the world! We created these intimate newborn photos at home in Monmouth and honestly I don’t know how I’m going to stop myself sharing every single image from this session, over 100 images! Because I can say this was a wonderful session where we captured images which are honestly some of my favourite ever!

newborn photography south wales mum holding newborn son
mum holding newborn son cuddle sofa dog poodle at home
young new parents smiling baby newborn photography at home
young new parents smiling baby newborn photography with dog
young mum holding newborn baby son black and white portrait

Before we go any further sharing these newborn photos at home, let’s talk about Dad, Liams shirt! Now usually when people ask me what they should wear to a session I tell them, “keep it simple, avoid busy patterns and such.” In fact, I’ve been known to send Dads back to go change when they come along wearing some huge slogan across their t-shirt. But when Liam walked in wearing his leopard print shirt I thought, “perfect.” I’ve known this gorgeous couple for a few years and I can say this was the perfect choice for Liam! That’s one of the reasons I love about creating these newborn photos at home, it’s the chance to really celebrate who you are an your unique story!

At the beginning of our session Emma asked, “In your photos the baby is always happy and everyone is so calm, how do you do it?” When creating your newborn photos at home, we mostly just hang out and chat. I like to keep parents relaxed and happy as though they were just chilling with a friend. Let me tell you, happy, calm parents makes for happy, calm babies and that goes for always, not just for your portrait session!

And of course I don’t pose babies or put them in props. Instead, baby is being cuddled by their parents throughout the entire session. Held in close, in the arms of their parents, feeling their warmth, smelling their familiar scents, hearing their parents heartbeats. Baby feels safe, loved and inevitably happy. All of this makes creating intimate, calm portraits a breeze!

Some of my favourite images from this session happened on Emma and Liams bed. For two reasons. The first being that we created lots of photos in the bedroom during the families maternity session, so it was great to see those maternity and newborn photos side by side.

But the other reason is that I feel the bedroom is such an important environment during the newborn chapter. Those long nights when being a parent can feel so tricky, the tiredness never feels more intense than in those early hours. Then there’s those night time feeds. Late at night, half asleep with no distractions, you’re able to focus entirely in on your baby. Those are the moments you can truly immerse yourself in the love you feel for baby, the connection you share. You can just stare down at baby and try to comprehend how much this tiny person has changed your world. I feel these images capture a little taste of all of that.

I say this to everyone. “Yes your dog can be in the pictures. In fact your dog HAS to be in the pictures, they are your first born!” I just adore these newborn photos at home which include Lola. She’s so gentle, a doting big sister who has stepped so fantastically into her loving, protective role!

You know some of my favourite photos to capture during a newborn session are ones of baby feeding! So I HAVE to share some of Eli and Emma sharing a special bonding moment. When I look at these photos I swear I can hear that sweet guzzling noise newborns make when they feed. Which is just the sweetest noise ever!!

The final newborn photos at home we created were these. I asked Emma just to slip her top down ever so slightly. So we could create these images of her holding Eli close in, skin on skin. Parents reading this will probably understand how special skin to skin is. Never mind the scientific benefits to skin to skin. I’m talking about the feel. The intense connection you experience with your baby when you feel the warmth of their skin against yours. It makes you smile, it makes you glow and of course makes you hold them even tighter. It’s beautiful and I’m SO glad we documented it between Emma and Eli.

If you want to see more of what newborn photos at home with me look like, please visit this blog celebrating baby Eoin coming into the world.

To talk about your newborn session with me, please drop me a message here.

And if you want to see lots more of my work plus plenty of behind the scenes stuff, come find me on Instagram!


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