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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photoshoot at Home - Baby We’re Back!

mum dad big sister bathing newborn baby kitchen sink

Disclaimer, this blog post is going to be using an awful lot of exclamation marks and caps lock…BECAUSE I AM SO VERY VERY EXCITED!!! Why? Because after what feels like forever I have finally had the word that I am able to get back to photographing your newborn photoshoot at home! For the first time since 2020 I can be back in my clients homes documenting those incredible first days with baby!

black and white mum kissing newborn baby on head

Throughout 2020 I of course wasn’t able to shoot as I normally would, in fact I think there were only TWO newborn photoshoot at home which actually took place INDOORS. The rest took place in the gardens of clients, there were a couple where I was able to stand outside, at a distance, shooting in through open windows and doors. A strange time to be a newborn photographer let me tell you!

mum dad big sister smiling on bed mum holding newborn son

But now as things start to look up I am able once again to go into the homes of my clients and capture intimate moments shared between parents and their new babies! I get goosebumps just thinking of it! Cuddles on the sofa, families piling onto the bed, baby baths in kitchen sinks and faithful pets peaking in to get a closer look at baby. Just some of the highlights I’ve missed without my newborn photoshoot at home.

dad holding newborn baby mum cuddle dad from behind playful

Yes, things are looking up and I have been given the go ahead to start working in homes but of course precautions still need to be taken. I will test myself using the government supplied lateral flow kits the morning of your newborn photoshoot at home. If myself or anyone I have come into contact with shows any slight symptoms then our session will of course be rearranged for a date as soon as is safe. I will sanitise my equipment before bringing it into your home. I will bring a healthy supply of hand sanitiser, which to be honest is what I’ve been doing for years anyway when working with babies! I will wear a clean mask for the entirety of your shoot, I will ask you to have windows open in your home so long as baby is comfortable and I will keep my distance as much as possible.

mum feeds newborn baby bottle sitting on sofa at home

Yours and your families safety and comfort is my number one priority! Saying this, I am still happy to create your newborn photoshoot at home outdoors, in your garden if that is what you feel more comfortable doing.

mum and dad cuddle newborn baby smiling on sofa family

I’ll say it again, I’m so excited to be able to create these photos again! Images which are so full of love, images that tell the story of your newborn days. Images that capture all that intense and raw love you feel when you hold your baby. In years to come you’ll be able to look back at these timeless photos and be immediately transported right back.

same sex couple cuddle newborn baby on sofa smiling

Let me share the last newborn photoshoot at home that I was able to create INSIDE my clients home, here’s the blog.

If you want to talk about creating your own relaxed and natural newborn portraits, get in touch now.

You can see lots more of my work over on Instagram, come say hi!


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