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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photoshoot at Home - Why you shouldn’t get photos done

Now why would a newborn photographer be telling you reasons why you shouldn’t invest in your own newborn photoshoot at home? Well obviously I wouldn’t, would I? No this blog is about sharing the most common concerns I hear from potential clients when it comes to their newborn photoshoot at home. I am here to counter these worries so that you can enjoy your session and capture those stunning newborn portraits!

My house isn’t photo worthy!

This is a real common one when people are asking me about a newborn photoshoot at home. The obvious thing to point out here is that no house with a new baby should be pristine. All new Mothers should be using the early days with baby as a time to rest and bond with their child. If that means there’s a bit of clutter around then I say, GOOD! Of course I understand that you might not want your newborn photos to document that clutter, so we can simply shove it all out of shot! Nobody needs know that hiding away in the perfect photo you have of you and baby is an clothes airer straining under the weight of all those baby grows!

The second thing to point out is that very often I come in close to you and baby to capture the intimacy of life with a newborn and your home will barely be in view at all!

I’m nervous that my baby or older child will be too fussy.

A newborn photoshoot at home usually lasts around two hours. This is so that we have time to capture your photos at a slow and gentle pace. This means that you can easily take breaks when baby needs you for nappy changes, feeds etc. That being said, I’m not a clock watcher so if the session runs over then so be it. I am never in a rush and as a Mother I understand that babies needs come before photos, if they do fuss you will never feel pressure from me for them to suddenly stop fussing.

As for older siblings I have lots of tricks up my sleeves for making sessions as smooth as possible for them, ways to make them feel comfortable and just as important as baby throughout. Truth be told I’m quite the fan of young children who aren’t afraid to be themselves during the session. Some of my favourite shots include three year olds climbing under sofas and enjoying an ice cream that their parents bribed them with!

All in all do not worry about how your children are on the day, whatever energy they bring, we go with it and we create images that capture every drop of their personality.

I hate having my photo taken!

I feel you on this one! In fact it was one of the reasons I didn’t book my own newborn photoshoot at home, which I hugely regret! Here’s the thing, I am not your partner or family member or whoever it is in your life who always takes incredibly unflattering images of you! This is my job, my job is to take beautiful photos of Mothers that they will love. This means I’ve had years of practice at getting women comfortable in front of my lens, it also means I have an eye for getting your best angles. If you have got certain hang ups, which lets be honest we all do, please feel free to share them with me, I always have advice on how we can flatter them.

A newborn photoshoot at home is too expensive, I’ll just get my partner to do it.

I am a professional photographer and the reason a newborn photoshoot at home costs what it does it’s because you are receiving years of professional experience in creating newborn images. It’s more than just the two hours of taking photos, it’s the understanding of composition, light, posing and everything in between. I’m sure your partner is capable of picking up a camera but in my experience their photos and the photos I can create for you are not comparable.

I understand that the list of outgoings when having a baby can seem never-ending but these are moments you never get back and are absolutely worth investing in. I do have packages to suit all budgets, all you need do is ask.

My partner doesn’t want to be in a newborn photoshoot at home.

A very common phrase I hear from parents, I can tell you that my own husband has never wanted to be a part of photos. So I can fully respect that, now I won’t tell you that you will simply have to force them into a newborn photoshoot at home! No we can respect their wishes not to have photos of themselves but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any yourself. In fact I’m sure that if you were to go ahead and book your session for just you and baby then your partner will truly cherish those photos.

If you really would like them to be involved then you can always show them this blog post here. In it I asked a handful of past Dads how they felt about have a newborn photoshoot at home. Want to know something? Every one of them had been apprehensive about a session beforehand!

To talk about your own newborn photoshoot at home please get in touch with me.

If you just love all things pregnancy, newborn and motherhood then I’m sure you’ll love to come see what I have going on over on Instagram!


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