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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photoshoot Cardiff - Hello Elijah

It is my utter delight to introduce you to the wonderful Elijah and his proud Mum and Dad, Alexandra and Ethan in this newborn photoshoot in Cardiff. Oh and not forgetting their loving pup, Teasel who I think you will see did her very best to steal the show! Now let’s take a stroll through this yummy newborn photos!

Our newborn photoshoot in Cardiff began with Elijah enjoying a soothing feed with Mum. A full baby is a sleepy baby and a sleepy baby makes for relaxed photos! So I was more than happy for Elijah to fill up his tummy till he fell into that blissful milk drunk snooze all parents love. It’s honestly one of my favourite things to see nursing babies eyes flutter as they try to fight the inevitable sleep they’re about to doze into.

Once we had a fast asleep baby we took the chance to capture these beautifully intimate images of Elijah wrapped in his parents embrace. This is a pose I often like to use during newborn photoshoots in Cardiff and beyond. That’s because once Mum and Dad have their arms wrapped around each other and baby, those all encompassing feelings of love, amazement and joy visually bubble up to the surface. I’ve lost count of how many times Dads in this pose will stare down at their baby and then place a kiss on their partners neck. A little gesture of love, thanks and pride for delivering this tiny love into the world.

Now we had to make sure we got a shot of the entire family. I’ve said it a thousand times but no newborn photoshoot in Cardiff is complete without the appearance of the families beloved pet! Alex and Ethan had been slightly nervous during our pre-session consultation chat about how hyper their dog would be on the day of the shoot. They really wanted her involved in the images but were unsure how it would go. Well, I’m happy to say Teasel did wonderfully, one of the best posers I’ve come across in my time as a newborn photographer! Ethan told me that I calmed her down but I have a feeling that the pocket full of dog treats the couple kept close had more of a part to play than I did!!

If you think Teasel did a good job in the images we captured downstairs just wait till you see how well she performed for the photos which we captured up in the bedroom. I think that she was so pleased to be allowed up on the bed that she knew not to put a paw wrong! Although perhaps crashing this next set of photos we were creating during the newborn photoshoot in Cardiff and blocking Ethans face out might not have been her best idea!

It may seem like a very simple moment captured in this next image, Ethan helping remove an eye lash from Alexandras face but I love it. Why? Because during the brief glimpse I got to have of this family I can say that Ethan and Alex made a brilliant team. Throughout they were supporting each other and asking how they could help each other. Those first weeks and months of being home with baby are just as hard as they are beautiful. So it’s vital for Mothers to be fully supported and cared for by the people around her and this image encompasses that in it’s own little way. These newborn photoshoots in Cardiff are more than just beautiful images, they’re telling a story of love and new beginnings.

The final set of images I have to share with you from this newborn photoshoot in Cardiff is a very special set. I often ask parents if they have a lovely blanket we can wrap baby in for some shots, preferably one that’s a bit special. Alex and Ethan chose this beautiful white blanket to wrap Elijah up in. They told me how it had been made for him by Ethans Auntie who had sadly passed on very recently. Of course it is heartbreaking to loose the people we love but I hope having these images where Ethans Auntie is in some way involved, honoured will bring this wonderful family some comfort.

Thank you so much to Alex and Ethan for allowing me to be a part of welcoming their new baby boy it was so special to be able to help you celebrate!

Here’s what Ethan had to say about their newborn photoshoot in Cardiff,

“Sarah is absolutely fantastic. The photos that she captured of our family are something that we will cherish forever. Her kind and calm demeanour immediately helped us to feel more relaxed to get the natural style photos we hoped for. She even managed to calm down our very excitable dog and get some beautiful photos of her too! Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for natural gorgeous photos of their families, especially newborns.”

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