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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photoshoot Cardiff - Hello Lucy

May I please introduce Lucy, and her proud parents Ali and Tom who so kindly chose me for their newborn photoshoot in Cardiff. Of course the session took place in the comfort of their family home and as always the session was relaxed and simply felt like hanging out with friends! But here’s the thing, I am writing this post around 6 months after the session AND after a long night awake with my own teething baby….so bare with me please, some of the details are feeling a little hazy!

That being said I’m looking through these images now and remembering how easy it was to talk with these brand new parents. So happy, so chilled and so obviously embracing that oh so magical newborn bubble. It felt incredibly intimate during this newborn photoshoot in Cardiff to get a glimpse into this families new beginning. Such a precious if fleeting time as you and your partner experience this new life, not just of your baby but of your own rebirth. Becoming Mum and Dad, means you will forever be changed!

For a lot of this newborn photoshoot in Cardiff, Lucy had nothing but sweet sleepy eyes for Mum. Which means I was able to capture a beautiful collection of Mum and babe embracing and connecting. But I have to give a little shout out to Toms…unique (?) method of soothing Lucy, the hold you will see below included swaying and I’m pretty sure it was accompanied by a song about monkeys!

There’s countless things to love about this relaxed approach to newborn photography but one that is so clear to see here is just how natural the images are we managed to create during our newborn photoshoot in Cardiff. I am in love with the images of Ali holding Lucy close to her heart, both with closed eyes, Ali wearing the softest of smiles. A moment every new Mother can relate to. When you hold your baby close and just soak them up, breathing them in and wishing you could pause this moment forever. Of course these images do just that, no matter how fast Lucy grows, Ali will always be able to revisit these early days.

Here is a lovely note left by Ali after our newborn photoshoot in Cardiff,

“Thank you so much for our family photoshoot, Sarah! Having the photos taken at home was so special and you really captured the essence of the past 8 weeks with a newborn. Even though our baby cried for most of the session because she has colic, you somehow managed to calm her down and get so many beautiful shots! We will treasure the photos forever.”

Here we have another recent newborn photoshoot in Cardiff, come say hello to Eli by clicking here.

To see a lot more of my work and to find out more about this natural approach to celebrating Motherhood please some visit me over on Instagram.

And of course if these images connect with you and how you would like to commemorate your fourth trimester, or any chapter of Motherhood, please get in touch!


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