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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photoshoot - Hello Anna

Want to have a peek behind a newborn photoshoot in Abergavenny with me? Then please enjoy this wonderfully cosy session with Annika, Rhys and big sister Ada to welcome the lovely little Anna into the world.

It was a rainy grey day outside but we stayed lovely and cosy inside. We started our session with Mum, Annika, cwtching baby Anna by the window, those drizzly rain drops hitting the window just added an extra level of cosy to those photos. It wasn’t long till big sister Ada joined in this newborn photoshoot.

It’s not always easy for young children to have an unknown person in their house during a newborn photoshoot taking pictures. Ada was a little nervous to start with but of course it was important for Mum and Dad that Ada be just as an important part of these images as Anna! So we gently encouraged her to come and sit with her family and her trusty cuddly bunny toy, “Pink”. We got plenty of shots with Ada plus one or two of Ada climbing under the sofa. I can tell you this isn’t the first newborn photoshoot I’ve done where a big sibling has chosen that moment to crawl under the sofa. But that’s one of the reasons I love coming to newborn photography in this way, not posed and staged and faked. It’s organic, it’s honest and it captures the joy of your children!

Special shout out for deploying a mini chocolate ice cream to get a few extra shots. And an extra shout out to Mum and Dad for being complete ninjas with the baby wipes to avoid ice cream stained faces in the portraits!

It was Dads turn to take centre stage with his girls for during the newborn photoshoot. Rhys looked so proud as he gently kissed his littlest girl, it was lovely to capture this special moment. Soon Rhys smile was even clearer as Ada asked to join this big cuddle with Daddy. Following Adas lead we used this moment to grab some more images of the whole family together, including Pink the rabbit!

There’s always a point during a newborn photoshoot in which I like to place baby, loosely wrapped in their favourite blanket onto Mum and Dads bed to capture all of their perfect little details.

During this part of the newborn photoshoot, Ada came over to admire her little sisters tiny hands and clearly she couldn’t resist them, giving them a sweet little kiss before running back to play in her room!

Finally we got a series of the sweetest images of the family cuddled up all together. In the loveliest embrace just sitting in this moment and enjoying the calm.

Whenever a family invites me into their home during this incredible moment for their newborn photoshoot I am honestly so thankful to be trusted to document this time for them. So thank you to Annika and Rhys for choosing me!

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