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Newborn Photography South Wales - Newborn Photoshoot Newport - Hello Saoirse

Please welcome to the world the beautiful little Saoirse, a wonderful little girl who did something I thought was an impossible occurrence….she arrived on her due date!! Who knew that was thing?! Anyway, I had the utter pleasure of documenting this punctual wonder at her newborn photoshoot in Newport, cuddled in tight with Mum, Steph and Dad, Ross in the comfort of their lovely home.

When it comes time to write a blog for a session I try to choose a handful of favourite images to share with you. I don’t mind telling you that choosing just a few from the newborn photoshoot in Newport was no easy task!! But I thought we’d start with some images we captured of this family of three cuddled up on the bed. These seem so special not just because of the loving way Saoirse looks at her Mum and Dad but because this is such a familiar scene for new parents. Sitting together with your partner as you both gush over every little wonderful detail of your new baby!

We continued the family bonding with these shots of everyone cuddled together by the window. My most often requested image from a newborn photoshoot in Newport, or anywhere really, is to have a beautiful photo with everyone in. It sounds so simple but it’s a moment so few of us are ever able to capture on our own. You and your partner together, no longer a two but a three with your bundle cuddled in close.

That being said I did enjoy sneaking Mum and Dad off individually with baby during this newborn photoshoot in Newport. I captured lots of serene images of Steph nursing her baby girl. The fourth trimester is often such a whirlwind so it’s beautiful to embrace this slow, peaceful moments when a Mother feeds her baby. And of course a milk drunk baby gave for lots of chances of capturing sleepy moments like Steph and Saoirse touching nose to nose in the sweet moment below.

Before our newborn photoshoot in Newport began Ross told me how awkward he felt having his photo taken and that he was sure it would show in the photos. So as I always do with these at home sessions, I spent some time first getting to know Mum and Dad a little, easing them into the session and waiting for them to feel comfortable with having me in this sacred space. I really think it helped Ross to feel comfortable in front of the camera, well why don’t you take a look at these photos and tell me what you see. I personally see a very proud Dad who is completely besotted with his baby daughter. No awkwardness at all!

There are so many wonderful benefits to creating natural newborn images with me in your own home. And during this newborn photoshoot in Newport one benefit was that we got to capture some sweet photos of Saoirses bath time. Honestly my heart melted seeing her all wrapped up cwtchy in her towel post soak!

Finally we have to make a quick special mention to the families beloved cats who certainly added to this newborn photoshoot in Newport. It’s always a JOY to feature pets in these sessions and these pussy cats certainly didn’t disappoint!!

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to this lovely family for welcoming me so warmly into their home and for giving me a glimpse into this incredible chapter of their life. It really is so special, thank you!

Thinking about booking your own newborn portraits? Then please take a look through this blog where I’m sharing some words of wisdom about what to avoid when choosing your newborn photographer!

If you’d like to get to know a little more about me and my work please come a say hi over on Instagram.

I’m so happy to say that I am now returning from my own maternity leave and opening up my books! So let’s have a chat about your newborn photoshoot in Newport or wherever you call home!


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