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Creating newborn portraits is always magical for me. Being able to document the first few days of a life will always fill me with sparks, butterflies and all kinds of excitement. But, I feel it even more intensely when I get to create newborn portraits for couples who also chose me to create their maternity portraits too! So without further ado please welcome back the blog, Kate and Dotty and introducing baby Skye!

This session took place back in September time and was actually my first IN HOUSE session since lockdown. All newborn portraits up to this point had been created we me outside. So of course we took all extra precautions, enough hand sanitiser to bath a baby elephant and rocking my face mask despite not being able to see through the view finder whenever I breathed out. But like everything in 2020 we made it work!

I was really excited to get to work with Kate and Dotty again as we had had such a great time at their maternity session! Such a lush couple and I can honestly say these two are now two of my favourite people to stalk on Instagram! Sorry not sorry! I can safely say that they did not disappoint, I had just as good a time creating their newborn portraits too!

A lot of the session was spent gushing over how edible Skye's tiny perfect feet, toes, hands and fingers were. Babies hands are possibly my favourite thing to photograph. Parents can all remember that feeling, that warm glowing feeling right in your belly that you feel when baby holds your finger for the first time. And we all know the bittersweet feeling of watching those hands grow, from fitting around your one finger to suddenly your whole palm! It happens so fast so it seems essential to document when their hands are still so small!

I asked this family to sit in their sun drenched room and just cuddle up, I want to hear all about life as parents, I wanted them to tell me stories of how mind blowing the experience is. I wanted them to focus on Skye, soak her in, caress her, love on her. And as that all happened I created these natural newborn portraits, which capture how beautiful Skye is but also how very loved she is too.

Dotty had been very keen for Skye to wear this lovely baby grow, thankfully we got plenty of shots of the rainbow heart before Skye did what babies do best….I’ll spare you the details. But as Dotty tried her best to change an impressive nappy whilst dealing with Skyes mid wee change we thought we’d try to capture some baby bath newborn portraits too!

And oh am I glad we did, I’m yet to meet a baby that doesn’t love a good calm soak in the bath. I’m the same mind! We got lots of lovely shots including this sweet moment where Dotty reached over to kiss her daughters head. And a collection of images where both Kate and Dotty full of pride, stared lovingly down at their little girl wrapped up snuggly in a towel.

It has been an absolute honour getting to know this family, I feel very lucky indeed!

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Sarah Haile is a Mother, Wife and Photographer based in Abergavenny, South Wales. Since her transformation into Motherhood she uses her camera to celebrate and empower the journeys of the Mothers she meets.

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