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Newborn photography south wales - outdoor family photoshoot - Vera, Thomas & Samuel

Today we’re sharing the images from Vera & Thomas’s newborn portrait session to celebrate the birth of their baby, Samuel. Now I hear you, “this baby does not look like a newborn at all!” Well we can thank lockdown for this outdoor family photoshoot having to happen a whole 6 months later than it had been originally planned! But there’s two things to be said about this….. Firstly one of the joys of how I shoot newborn work is that I don’t pose babies therefore I don’t need a tiny baby who will sleep through the whole session whilst they’re manipulated into poses. Secondly, who’s to say when the newborn period is over?! Samuel may have been seven months old at this outdoor family photoshoot but he’s still a little baby so new to the world!

Whilst we had been in the planning stages for this outdoor family photoshoot Vera and Thomas, who are both not originally from the UK, had told me how important it was to have images of all three of them together. With their families far away and unable to meet Samuel in person they really wanted beautiful images of them all together to share with those who they loved! We began this outdoor family photoshoot….indoors! The family chatting, playing and relaxing in their lovely home whilst I shot away, capturing all these intimate little interactions together.

Just before we headed out to the outdoor part of this outdoor family photoshoot, I captured a shot of the family huddled together in the porch of their family cottage. I love this shot and hope it brought their families lots smiles. Of course their families haven’t been able to come visit them due covid but hopefully seeing the smiling family stood in their door way will give them the feeling that they’re being invited inside to enjoy a visit!

I then followed the family along to their favourite picnic spot, only a stone throw away. And wow! What a spot. A private little hideaway surrounded by trees, the sound of the river rushing over the pebbles was the soundtrack to our outdoor family photoshoot. Perfection!

Samuel was an absolute star throughout, even though the little trooper was dealing with a nasty case of teething! Ah I’m sure all us parents remember the pain of teething, the constant dribbling, the rosy red cheeks, wishing you could have the pain instead of them! But there were no complaints from Samuel, he was beaming throughout our outdoor family photoshoot as you can see in these images where he’s laying down on the picnic blanket with Mum and Dad. I’m in love with this image, he’s wonderful personality shining through, the twinkle in his eye and oh that smile!!

It was an absolute delight spending time with this loving family and I’m so pleased we finally got to create these gorgeous images to capture life with their smily little boy.

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