Newborn Photoshoot Outfits - Newborn Photography South Wales - What to Wear

Baby brain got you in a funk when your trying to choose your newborn photoshoot outfits? Fear not, I am here to help with these 5 simple pieces of advice.


newborn photoshoot outfits mum and baby cuddle abergavenny
Natural, relaxed images need relaxed, happy subjects.

This has to be the most important thing to consider when making your decision. During our session I want you to be completely focused on baby, so that I can truly capture the incredible bond you have. What I don’t want is for you to be adjusting your clothes the whole time, feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

So you might have the most fairytale, read carpet worthy gown but if you don’t feel comfy in it, it’s a no! Also a ball gown could be a little much ha!

If you feel best in your jeans, then go for it!


A great choice of different blue tones and neutral colours.

Generally speaking I would advise a light neutral colour palette for your newborn photoshoot outfits as these will photograph best indoors. HOWEVER taking it back to the point before, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t feel yourself in those type of colours then you do you.

The best place to start I find, is usually with Mums outfit. Once you’ve picked yours you can create a pallet of complimenting colours for everyone else to wear.


newborn photoshoot outfits mum kissing sleeping baby on head
The weave of Mums dress, the fluffy pillow behind, all adding layers to this image.

This is something not a lot of people think about but texture and movement can bring a deeper feel to your images.

Think chunky knits for a cosy vibe, soft gentle linen to get a breezy light feel. You get the idea, take some time to think about the feel you want to capture and how your clothes can portray that.

What about baby?

newborn photoshoot outfits baby girl held by mum monmouth
Baby all in white, timeless, simple.

Baby is the easiest family member to dress. Well maybe not to actually dress, especially in the early days when you’re too frightened to bend their elbow to get their vest on!

Keep it simple, I’m a huge fan of a plain baby grow in a nice neutral colour like white! It’s a nice idea to have a couple of pretty muslins or blankets to gently wrap baby in too.

Lets face it though whatever you choose baby will look absolutely beautiful!

What to avoid for newborn photoshoot outfits.

Matchy matchy! Right this is my biggest no no for photoshoots. Everyone wearing the same colour or everyone wearing the same outfit. I always tell people if I turn up to your house and you’re all matching I’m walking away! It’s such a cheesy, dated thing to do.

Matching? No!

Complimenting? Yes!

newborn photographer swansea south wales
Dad and baby in complimenting colours.

Big loud patterns. Huge prints, like busy florals or monochrome checks do not photograph well. If you like a pattern go for something subtle, florals okay but a delicate print is best.

Logos. Large logos or slogans on t-shirts are very distracting. You want to the focus on your images to be your beautiful baby. Avoid having the eye drawn to a logo and opt for something plain.

I hope you found this all helpful. Of course once you’ve booked your session with me I’m happy to help you choose your outfit if you are still a little unsure! If you’d like to see my newborn portfolio then you can head here.