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Newborn Photoshoot - Blended Family in Caldicot -Newborn Photography South Wales

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We created Kaci’s adorable newborn photoshoot in the comfort of her families home in Caldicot, Monmouthshire. Kaci’s was the perfect little model, so incredibly chilled out and more than happy to share the spotlight with Mummy (Jo), Daddy (Chris) and big sister (Charlie). The morning was spent joking, chatting and relaxing as I caught some precious moments for this family to cherish forever.

Sister holds new baby as Mum and Dad cuddle them both
Mum and Dad so proud of their girls

All about the newborn photoshoot! 

It’s so common for people to feel a little nervous about getting in front of a camera during a newborn photoshoot, I get it! I’m exactly the same! But a session with me is never awkward, my super power is making everyone around me feel super relaxed and at ease. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve…one for example is that during sessions I like to give older siblings the chance to use my camera to get some shots too…this session however was the first time I’d use that tactic with a Dad! Ha! Hopefully this helps show you just how laid back I am as a photographer and how important it is to me that everyone in a photo shoot is having a good time!

Newborn photoshoot Dad taking pictures
Dad being my second shooter for the session!
Newborn photoshoot black and white shadows
Light gently hitting Mum, Dad & baby Kaci

As for big sister, Charlie, she was pretty reluctant to get involved at first, little squeals of protest when someone suggested she joined in. Which was fine, we left Charlie to do her own thing, hanging out in the background until she felt ready to come and get in on the big family cuddles! I’m so glad she chose to join in because these pictures tell a story of a proud big sister who dotes on Kaci and is eager to help her parents take the best care of baby!

newborn photoshoot mum holds baby big sister pats babys back
Big sister lovingly pats babys back
newborn photoshoot big sister holds newborn baby smiling
Big sister Charlie proud as can be!

Not once did I have to tell Charlie what to do, I didn’t have to prompt her to loving look at her sister or stroke her affectionately. It was just her natural instinct and it made for so many photos full of genuine love! In summary, Charlie was a superstar!

newborn photoshoot new baby pulls face laid on mums lap
Sleeping Kaci holding Mummys hands
newborn photoshoot step dad and sister hold newborn baby
Charlie, Chris and Kaci having a nice cuddle

I wanted to shine a spotlight on this portrait from our newborn photoshoot in particular. I asked Jo to sit here so we could have lots of lovely natural light pour in from the window in the room. Now if you look closely you may notice that behind Jo and Kaci is a clothes airer fit to burst with lots of sweet baby clothes. Jo asked if I wanted it to be moved but I said not to worry, I could hide it post, which I have….. kind of!

newborn photoshoot south wales mum smiling with newborn baby
Jo smiles softly at Chris

See as I edited this image I realised that a full clothes airer was something ALL parents of newborns can relate to and as silly as it may seem I wanted to document it. In fact the sweet little smile on Jo’s face was because her partner (who was sat in the corner of the room) joked about how everyone else's clothes had to wait because there was SO much baby stuff! So yes it may seem silly, it may not seem like anything much at all but it’s those silly little memories that are worth documenting! Those are the moments in years to come you’ll laugh and reminisce about.

newborn photoshoot family cuddle at home with new baby
Everyone focused on lovely little Kaci
newborn photoshoot looking over mums shoulder to new baby
Looking over Mums shoulder down on this sleepy babe

I adore a newborn photoshoot they’re probably my favourite to shoot, to be welcomed into a home and be witness to so much brilliant wonderful LOVE! As Kaci was such a chilled out two week old it only took us an hour to capture over 70 stunning newborn photos and I have to say I am so obsessed with the images from this session that it was so blinking hard trying to pick just a few for this blog post! Also… can I tell you a secret? These images made me so stooooopidly broody! Don’t tell my husband hahaha!

Now before I sign off and leave you with a few more of my favourites from this session... I just want to say a big thank you to Jo, Chris, Charlie & Kaci for being so welcoming, so friendly and an absolute pleasure to hang out with! I can’t wait to see all the adventures you have together!

newborn photoshoot family at home with new baby south wales
A peaceful moment together
newborn photoshoot baby fast asleep chubby cheek south wales
Sleeping Kaci happy in Daddy's arms


Sarah x

P.S If you are want to see more please head to my portfolio for tons of dreamy newborn portraits.


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