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Outdoor Newborn Photography - Newborn Photography South Wales - Pets Welcome!

This week I’m sharing a glimpse into this newborn session where I got to help this wonderful family celebrate their newest addition, little Billy! I have to admit that creating all this outdoor newborn photography during the covid crisis has had it’s challenges… BUT getting to shoot these images in such a gorgeous home and such a lovely family, was nothing but a pleasure! Thank you Bethan, Owain, Callie and Billy!

Outdoor Newborn Photography Newborn Photography South Wales
Making happy memories

Happy family.

Hanging out with these guys was so fun they were so willing to have a laugh. Sometimes families can feel a little shy but we were cracking jokes right away. This meant we got so many lovely images of them with genuine smiles and laughter. Images full of joy. I’m all about authenticity here, I think there’s nothing worse than seeing people forced to stare down a lens with a strained smile on their face. No to that, it’s uncomfortable for the people having their picture taken and the photos are just as uncomfortable too. Belly laughs, ugly snorting and real spontaneous smiles are much more my bag!

Outdoor Newborn Photography Newborn Photography abergavenny
Natural outdoor newborn photography

Speaking of good times, Billys big sister Callie absolutely came for a giggle! She was a little unsure at first about holding her baby brother, jokingly warning him, “you better not throw up on my jeans”! But clearly she adores Billy, she was so good with him, tickling his belly throughout getting loads of happy smiling shots of her brother. Good work Callie made my job too easy!

Outdoor Newborn photography baby laughing smiles tickling
Such a happy boy!

Perfect place for outdoor newborn photography.

I mentioned just how spoilt we were for lovely spots in the families home and grounds to create these images and I have to mention their growing orchard. We all took a little seat down in the grass surrounded by trees and got these casual images of everyone cuddled up together. We headed back to the house and were passed by a busy herd of sheep. This is probably the fifth portrait session I’ve done this year with sheep making an appearance. Only in South Wales!

Outdoor Newborn photography mum baby timeless natural
Bethan glows with her new baby

Of course all sessions right now consist of outdoor newborn photography but thanks to Bethan's lovely big conservatory we were able to capture some images of the family indoors. Firstly we have this image of Bethan tenderly kissing Billy’s head. Such a sweet maternal moment, one all us Mums know so well. When you’ve got them held close and that sweet baby smell just gives you the most overwhelming urge to kiss them all over!

Outdoor Newborn photography baby photoshoot cardiff
That new baby smell!

I really like these images of Bethan and Billy too as we’ve captured just how little Mr is. You see I couldn’t help but notice that baby’s Dad Owain was pretty tall and the chances are Billy will grow to be just as tall too! I think it’s wonderful that Bethan has this image to always remind her how perfectly Billy once fit in the crook of her arm. Ah my heart! Now I’m getting all emotional thinking about how fast children grow! Think I need a second to have a little weep!

Outdoor Newborn photography motherhood session south wales
Smiles for her boy
Outdoor Newborn photography dad and baby cuddle smiles
Cuddles with Daddy

Challenge accepted! 

When Bethan got in touch with me about creating her outdoor newborn photography she mentioned the families two dogs. I asked if she would like them to be included as I know how massively important pets are to a family. She told me it would be lovely but doubted that we’d actually be able to manage to get her hyper pooches in the photos. Well ladies and gentlemen, I love a good challenge! It took some bribing, a bit of wrestling and manic snapping but WE DID IT! I genuinely jumped up and had a little boogie when we got these shots!

Outdoor Newborn photography lifestyle family photographer uk
Big pooch kisses for Billy!

All in all this was a really fun shoot, it was so great to hang out with these guys and I’m thrilled to say Bethan was so blown away by her images she HAD to get the whole album. Love giving people these happy memories!! 

If you would like to talk about your own portrait session please drop me a message and we can get creating some magic!


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