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Pregnancy Photography South Wales - How to Take Pregnancy Photos - A Free Guide

So before we go into how to take pregnancy photos I need to share this with you. This is an image I’ve shared so many times. You may wonder why? As a pregnancy photographer this image seems a little blah, it’s taken on an iphone, can’t even see who it is, just some Mum in her over worked maternity leggings. Well it’s me and those are my over worked much loved, oh how I miss them, maternity leggings. And it’s the only photos I have of my pregnancy.

pregnant woman in long dress holding bump standing in forest
man and pregnant wife standing heads together in wheat field

Nine months of growing a life within me, the excitement I felt of becoming a Mother after years of longing, the happiness of it all after going through the hardest year of my life just before. The pride, the joy, the love, the connection. Does this photo say any of that to you? No. Me neither. It just doesn’t do justice to what was one of the most incredible times of my life, it also shows what a terrible taste in curtains I had!

pregnant woman bare bump holding bump and breast
pregnant woman sitting on bed smiling black and white

I regret so much not investing in my own pregnancy, in commemorating this beautiful chapter of Motherhood! And I’m not alone. The most common thing I hear from Mums is, “I wish I had some nice pictures of me when I was pregnant.” It breaks my heart and I relate to it completely. Which is why I what to tell you how to take pregnancy photos yourself! I want to help you avoid this disappointment and regret! So I’ve created this free ebook dedicated to helping you capture all the incredible details and story of your journey!

husband and pregnant wife stood in window smiling with son
pregnant woman in lingerie sitting by window holding bump

So what’s inside this book about how to take pregnancy photos? Well there’s practical advice from posing, to lighting. There’s lots to inspire you on what to capture in your images and a step by step on how to recreate my hands down FAVOURITE maternity portrait! There’s so much more in this guide too. My aim is not just to show you how to take pregnancy photos but to help you understand how beautiful and powerful you are. How deserving of this happiness you are and how important it is to take the time to properly celebrate it!

pregnant woman sitting in garden surrounded by flowers
man pregnant wife sitting against tree smiling south wales

Here’s what one of my expectant Mothers, Autumn, had to say about creating pregnancy portraits with me;

“I absolutely loved my maternity session with Sarah. She made me feel comfortable and glamorous throughout, even though I didn't feel it. I look back at the photos now and I still love them and it captured my pregnancy perfectly. She was an absolute pleasure and is so talented. Highly recommended!”

pregnant woman holding teddy bear bare bump red nails

You can download the “how to take pregnancy photos” guide here.

Don’t forget to send this page to any Mums to be you know! The more the merrier! Let’s celebrate the beauty and power of pregnancy together!

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If you would love to know more about a maternity session with me and the different packages I have to offer you can drop me a message anytime!

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