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Pregnancy Photography South Wales - Maternity Photography - F.A.Qs

This is a video/blog post has been a long time coming and is the first of a series. Here I’m going to be answering all of the questions you might have about maternity photography!

I hopped onto instagram and asked the lovely people there to ask me anything they were curious about maternity photography. Now you can watch this video below to hear my answers or read this blog depending upon your ability to understand Yorkshire/Lancashire hybrid accents….

How much is it for maternity photography?

I have several options available for Mums to be depending on what you’d like to get out of your session. My maternity only sessions are between £65-£250+.I also have a brilliant package for expectant Mothers who would like to create both maternity photography and newborn photography!

I’m here to help you decide which would be the best choice for you, depending on what you would like to capture with your photos. Things such as location, how many people will be at the session, how many photos you would like are just some of the factors you need to consider when choosing your session.

pregnant woman blue flowing long dress south wales hills

When should I book a maternity session?

THE SOONER THE BETTER….that’s the simple answer. Anytime after your 12 week scan but as I say, the earlier the better. I have had women get in touch with me at 37 weeks wanting to create maternity photography…And I have moved heaven and Earth to make that happen but it’s not usually how I like to work.

The sooner you can book with me the more time we have to craft your session perfectly and also the longer we have to get to know one another. The latter is very important in my opinion, I want to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of my camera and I can do a better job of that if I’ve had the chance to get to know you.

husband kisses pregnant wife on neck forest black and white

Do you take naked photos?

Yes, you better believe I do! I love when a Mum to be is happy to create nude maternity photography. These images are so raw, intimate and stunning. I think they are a wonderful way to capture the beauty of pregnancy. So if that is something you want for your maternity portraits you can trust me to do that for you.

That being said, I of course work to each individual clients comfort level. Some women do not want any skin on show at all, some want just a hint and others want to bare everything. I have worked with ever woman on this spectrum and can help you find where you fit on that scale!

maternity photography pregnant woman in underwear holds bump

Where do you create maternity photography?

As I am not tied to a photography studio I shoot absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

My favourite place to create these images is in the comfort of my clients homes. It’s where you feel most relaxed and that always translates well into your portraits.

However I am just as comfortable shooting on top of a mountain, by the beach or roaming through a castle. We live in a beautiful part of the world and I have a list of beautiful spots at the ready to suggest.

Location is something I help my clients decide on during our client consultation calls.

pregnant same sex couple laughing under rainbow umbrella

What should I wear?

This is THE most popular question I get about maternity photography so much so that I will be working on a blog post dedicated purely to it!

But here are some things I tell every client;

  • Wear something that makes you feel good, something you feel comfortable in.

  • Avoid busy patterns or huge logos.

  • If there will be other people involved in your session chose colours which compliment each other…not MATCH!

man and pregnant wife hands on bump pregnancy photography

Will I have to pose?

I am a lifestyle photographer which means I like to create natural images. You will not need to be striking a pose during your maternity photography session.

Usually I will simply ask you to sit/stand in a spot then I will give you a couple of prompts like ‘look down to bump and imagine what it will be like once they’re here’. Simple instructions that will create sweet moments and even sweeter photos!

It’s very relaxed, very fluid never posed and awkward!

pregnant woman and husband hold hands maternity photography

Why do you create maternity photography?

This is a story I have told soooo many times so I’ll give you just a few notes.

I loved being pregnant, it was one of the most magical times of my life. BUT I never had my own maternity photos created to celebrate or document that chapter. It is something that I massively regret! The basic iPhone snaps and selfies do not do justice to the love and excitement I had about meeting my baby!

As my son grows at an alarming rate and pregnancy is just a memory, I desperately wish I had my own maternity portraits to look back on!

So now I want to help other Mothers avoid the disappointment I’ve had. I want them to take a moment to acknowledge just what an incredible experience they are going through! Helping so many Mothers celebrate their pregnancy has helped ease the pain I feel for not doing it for myself at the time!

pregnancy photography south wales pregnant woman underwear

I hope that answered a bunch of the questions you might have about maternity photography but of course if you have anymore you’re always welcome to get in touch!

Here is a link to the blog from Hannah and Josh’s maternity session to see some of my work!

Want to know more about a session with me? Then head here and download your maternity session guide full of information!


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