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Pregnancy Photography South Wales - Maternity Photoshoot Abergavenny - Kathryn & Bump.

This weeks maternity photoshoot in Abergavenny is with a family I’ve had the pleasure to really get to know over the years. We met when Kathryn and Ross hired me to shoot their maternity photoshoot back when Kathryn was pregnant with their first child, Elsie a few years ago. Since then I’ve been invited back to capture Elises newborn session, her first and second birthday and now here I am again helping them celebrate the excitement of their second child!

When Kathryn and I were planning her maternity photoshoot in Abergavenny we talked about exactly what she wanted to get from the session. She opened up that shelves maternity photos where Mum has her bump bare and she would like to try that this time around. I LOVE having Mums show off their bump in this way, I know not everyone is comfortable to this but when they are, it’s so exciting! I think we can all agree that Kathryn is GLOWING in these maternity photos!

It wasn’t long before Elsie wanted to join Mummies maternity photoshoot in Abergavenny with lots of loving cuddles. She was a tiny bit shy at first but it didn’t last for very long so I was able to get lots of shots of her beautiful little smile as she was wrapped in her Mums arms.

It was during this moment that I caught one of my favourite shots from the maternity photoshoot in Abergavenny. Elsie sat on bump, supported by Mum and both with huge genuine smiles as Elsie pulled funny face in the mirror behind me. Special shout out to the perfectly timed breeze that softly lifted the curtains to frame Mother and daughter!

We have a tradition that began way back when Kathryn was pregnant with Elsie. At every session we have had together we have captured a shot with Kathryn standing in her doorway silhouetted against the rolling hills behind her. So of course we had to do it again during this maternity photoshoot in Abergavenny! It’s so special to think this family have the same image at every stage to compare and see how far they have come with their growing family!

To finish our maternity photoshoot in Abergavenny we headed to one of the families fields for this next set of beautiful scenic shots. We had heaps of fun wandering through the fields and shared lots of giggles. Especially when we realised poor Elsie wasn’t quite tall enough to see what was going on above the grass! These natural, happy images were easy to capture as we chatted and joked about all things parenting and pregnancy.

It’s always so lovely when clients invite me back to capture their families memories. I am so thankful to Kathryn and Ross for letting me be a part of their families story!

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If you would like to talk about your own maternity photoshoot in Abergavenny or beyond please send me a message to get started!

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