Pregnancy Photography South Wales - Outdoor Pregnancy Photoshoot - The Old Rectory Hotel

Let me tell you how excited I was to receive Rahuls enquiry in my inbox…I WAS OVER THE MOON!! “Why?” I hear you ask. Well Rahul got in touch with me to say that he wanted to treat his pregnant wife Mishu. To come from London to have their outdoor pregnancy photoshoot in gorgeous Crickhowell with me! What a TREAT!

We began our session in The Old Rectory Hotel, when Rahul asked me for my recommendations on where to stay in Crickhowell, this was an easy choice! The hotel is simply gorgeous, a grand interior, beautiful exterior and breathtaking views! The staff were as helpful and accommodating as always, allowing us to use the lovely ballroom to take a some happy shots of the expectant couple.

But as I said before this was an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot so we soon headed outside to enjoy the hotels stunning grounds. Now when you see the views in these shots, you’ll see why I was so keen to suggest The Old Rectory Hotel! God I love where we live. We had the perfect day, including the weather! I asked Mishu to stand embracing her bump and at just that moment a gentle gust of wind picked up her flowing dress and we captured this magic. Just perfect!

I’m so happy to share this image of Rahul and Mishu, it’s one of my favourites. Cuddled in close under the shade of an apple tree holding out the ultrasound from their scan. Such a sweet and intimate moment, you can feel the anticipation that this beautiful couple share.

Our session was a lot of fun, Mishu and Rahul were easy to chat to and capturing images full of their excitement was a pleasure. We talked a lot of course about covid, I don’t think a day goes by where it isn’t the topic of conversation at least once. Both Mishu and Rahul aren’t originally from the UK .They shared how hard it is that they wouldn’t be able to go visit their families or have their families come visit them once baby arrives. I can’t imagine how that must feel, a slight pang of sadness about not being able to share this incredible part of their lives with their families. But I hope being able to send them these gorgeous images from their outdoor pregnancy photoshoot will help ease the pain a little!

As Rahul had chosen to book ‘the All In’ session with me we had lots time together and the chance to shoot in two locations. So one quick wardrobe change later, a short two minute drive and we were deep in a woodland ready for more images!

This is a favourite location for me, I’ve spent many hours enjoying the peace of this woodland and I was happy to share it with this couple. Mishu and Rahul explored the forest hand in hand, sharing their hopes and dreams for the family they are growing. It was lovely, serene and I almost didn’t want to take photos for fear the sound of my shutter would ruin the moment!

I asked Mishu to carefully and comfortably sit among the fallen leaves on the floor. With a few prompts on where to place her hands and so I captured this image. The dappled mid day sun peaked in through the canopy of tress and fell perfectly on Mishus bump. Illuminating her curves and the life that grew within.. I’d like to say I had planned that perfectly but that would be a lie. It was a bit of an accident, a very happy one non the less!

Helping Mothers and their partners celebrate their pregnancy with relaxed outdoor pregnancy photoshoot is simply the stuff dreams are made of. It is such a wonderful chapter of life filled and I would just like to say thank you to Mishu and Rahul for allowing me to share this day with them.

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Sarah Haile is a Mother, Wife and Photographer based in Abergavenny, South Wales. Since her transformation into Motherhood she uses her camera to celebrate and empower the journeys of the Mothers she meets.

….she also quite likes speaking in the third person..

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