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Pregnancy Photography South Wales - Pregnancy Photoshoot - Hannah & Josh

As I write this blog about Hannah and Josh’s pregnancy photoshoot I’m still flying high from getting to meet this lovely couples baby! Yes baby is here, being showered with love and I’ve just had the pleasure of documenting this family at their newborn session now they are officially a three. But before I get carried away, let’s talk about their brilliant maternity session a couple of months back!

husband and pregnant wife walk through field

I had decided I already liked Hannah long before we actually got to meet. Why, you may wonder? Well Hannah reached out to me to book her session MONTHS before her due date. Let me tell you, that NEVER happens! Usually my inbox gets messages from women about to pop asking when is the best time to book my pregnancy photoshoot? P.S I would say around 32-34 weeks….

wind blowing pregnant woman hair

But Hannah was on the ball! She told me that both her sister and sister in law went into labour earlier than planned and so she wanted to be sure she didn’t miss out on documenting her pregnancy properly. Hannah, you are a star!

husband smells smiling pregnant wife hair
couple smiling hold pregnant bump outdoors
pregnant couple cuddle sat under tree
laughing pregnant couple sitting under tree

Our session began by heading out for a walk in one of the couples favourite spots with their dog Frank. Firstly, I’m obsessed when animals have proper people names, even better if they’re old man names, I dream of owning a pooch called Albert or Stanley. ….and that’s not relevant at all so let’s get back to the pregnancy photoshoot!

pregnant couple cuddle dog sat near
pregnant couple play with dog

I’ve said it a 1000 times but I will always do my best to get pets involved in portraits. I know that to pet owners their animals are just as important a family member as anyone else! So I’m thrilled to share these with you were we managed to get Frank involved. He sat so well for a couple of shots. Then off he went to run around like a mad thing whilst his owners chatted and cuddled under the shade of a very autumnal looking tree.

pregnant couple sitting under tree with pet dog

Both Hannah and Josh aren’t originally from the area in fact Hannah is originally from Canada. Which means that thanks to you know what (covid) they haven’t been able to share this amazing time with their family as they really would’ve liked to. So of course that added a special layer to this pregnancy photoshoot. We were able to create lots of images of the couple and Hannahs beautiful bump to share with their family around the globe.

husband and pregnant wife stroll through woods
pregnant woman holding bump in woods

The session was a breeeeeze, Hannah and Josh were just so natural and loved up. One of my favourite shots was when I asked Hannah to brush her off her shoulder which prompted Josh to give his wife a sweet kiss on the neck. Such a sweet moment! In fact I started to wonder if these two were psychics..there were so many times I was about to give them some kind of prompt or direction and they did it before I had chance to ask! My kind of people!!

husband kisses pregnant wife's neck
pregnant woman smiling husband kisses neck
pregnant couple hands on bump

We turned to leave the field just as the heavens opened. Good timing. We then took our pregnancy photoshoot inside to the warmth of the couples home.

pregnant woman in robe look out window
pregnant mother in robe sitting in window

Hannah had asked to take some shots with the bump bare. I LOVE when Mums want to do that because there is so much, beauty and magic in the exposed curve of a growing pregnant belly. I could honestly gush all day but instead I’ll share some of these, soft, beautiful images of Hannah.

pregnant woman in underwear holding bump
pregnant woman in underwear looking down at bump
silhouette pregnant woman in underwear

As always I am thrilled that Hannah and Josh invited me into their world and trusted me to create this pregnancy photoshoot for them. Now I just cannot wait to dive into their newborn session and share that with you too!!!

pregnant woman bares bump sat in window
exposed pregnant bump woman sat in window
woman looks down on pregnant bump
exposed pregnant belly in robe
pregnant woman smiling bare belly

Which reminds me! I currently have an amazing offer available for my bump to baby package for those booking before 05.03.2020. So if you would love to have incredible images of life before and after you welcome baby into the world please drop me a message and we can talk all about it!

If you want to see lots more pregnancy and newborn goodness then be sure to come follow me on instagram.

And if you loved reading about this lifestyle pregnancy photoshoot then you’ll love this session too.


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