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Pregnancy Photography South Wales - Same Sex Maternity Photos - Kate & Dottys Session

The usual tale for a maternity session is a Mum to be is so very excited about creating some intimate maternity pictures and her partner comes along, usually some what reluctantly. Well the story for these same sex maternity photos is a little different! Myself and Dotty had been mutually stalking each other on the gram for a while. She messaged me to say she was trying to convince her pregnant wife to have some pregnancy photos done with me! Role reversal! Well after a little time and a wonderful phone call between us all, Kate was on board! And my god am I grateful! What a wonderful couple, I am so lucky to have been able to spend time with them!

Well where do I begin? This whole session was just the biggest giggle! We shared tales of lockdown life, pregnancy ups and downs, food cravings and so many laughs! I don’t know if I’ve ever met such a laid back couple. So easy going it was not a hard job to capture happy, loved filled images with these two!

During our pre-session call I asked Kate and Dotty if they had any favourite wedding photos we could nod to in our session together. They sent me a gorgeous shot of the two of them facing each other with their arms draped on each others shoulder. I knew this would be perfect to recreate in their same sex maternity photos. The space between them in that wedding shot now filled with Kates blossoming bump, perfect! I love that this couple will be able to hold these two images side by side to compare time. To acknowledge the incredible journey they are on together. 

Dotty and Kate are both very active members of the LGBTQ+ community, in 2019 they organised Abergavenny Pride which was a huge success. So it seems only right that we created some images of the couple cuddled up together under a huge rainbow umbrella. The pride brolly, perfect for Welsh weather!

Now I really hope Kate won’t mind me highlighting this photo, it’s one of my favourites of the couples same sex maternity photos! Kate had reached that wonderful stage of pregnancy, bump is in full bloom, baby’s movements are making everything seem so real, you know it won’t be long till you meet your babe. Bliss. But you can no longer do you own shoes and your ankles are swollen beyond recognition… So in this sweet candid moment, Dotty came to her wife’s rescue, helping Kate slip her shoes off so she could get comfy for more photos. It might not seem like a instagram worthy, show stopping shot. But it’s love, it’s a small everyday act of love which is just as wonderful as huge romantic gestures.

If you’ve seen any other of my session blogs you’ll probably know what a fan I am of including pets in sessions. These same sex maternity photos were no different. So please enjoy this exited fluffy big brother to be! That’s all I have to say on the session, he’s gorgeous and I’m going to let his wonderful little face do all the talking!

A note from Kate,

“I was hesitant about doing a maternity shoot but Sarah made it really relaxed and enjoyable and the photos were excellent, so many to choose from. Thanks again, highly recommend!”

A note from Dotty,

“From initial contact Sarah has been fantastic, friendly and so down to earth putting both my wife and I at ease and getting to know us (scarily well, she seriously listens to random ramblings!) and took some beautiful, relaxed and natural photos as a Maternity shoot. Sarah captured some natural brilliant moments so easily without us even realising and we now have some wonderful photos to remember this time and my wife's beautiful bump. Thank you Sarah!!!”

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If you want to ask me anything about maternity or newborn photography please drop me a message and say hi!


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