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Relaxed & Intimate Maternity Portraits. South Wales based Newborn & Maternity Photographer.

I’m so bloody excited to share this session with you I can’t type fast enough!

I had the utter delight of helping Hannah celebrate her wonderful rainbow baby. We created some intimate and beautiful maternity portraits in the comfort of her home in South Wales.

We started our session with a toddler induced dance party…if a two year old tells you to dance you gotta do it! Then we spent some time just chilling out, Hannah and big sister-to-be, Luna cuddling on the sofa. We got lots of sweet and organic photos, a document for the future to show baby how little their big sister was when they came into the world! Luna is completely obsessed with bump, giving plenty of kisses and love to baby. Makes your heart burst!

With your first pregnancy you document every little thing, check your app religiously to see how big baby is this week and oh(!) how those weeks drag on! I can only imagine how different pregnancy is when you already have a child to care for. Hannah told me that she can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. So it was brilliant to be able to slow down with her a little, to shine the spotlight on how beautiful this pregnant Mama is and savour this exciting time!

Body image is a funny old thing, especially when your pregnant! I know a lot of women find it very difficult when pregnant to see their body changing and growing, it can leave them feeling really down. But trust me, no matter how you feel, you will always look back at photos of you and bump and be shocked at how beautiful you are. There’s nothing quite as stunning as a blooming bump.

Hannah says that she feels so much more conifident when she’s pregnant and I’m an so thrilled about that! Of course she should feel that way I mean look how gorgeous she is!!!

I’m pleased to say that Han was ready to fully embrace how fabulous her body is and bare the bump! Not all of my clients are comfortable to do this or they simply aren’t looking to create images like that. Which is more than okay! …however I do get quite excited when a Mummy wants to capture ‘boudoir’ style maternity portraits.

I asked Hannah to grab one of her husbands white shirts from his wardrobe. We buttoned it up just at the top so it could softly frame bump. I love these images, they’re still flirty, a bit sexy but in a sweet understated way. Casual and relaxed.

This set of photos are so special and are just one of the reasons I ADORE photoshoots in my clients homes. As Hannah walked into the guest bedroom (future nursery) she saw this sweet little teddy. She brought it back in and asked if we could include it in some of the shots. Hannahs husband, Dan, had bought this jellycat teddy ready for baby, just as he had bought Luna a jellycat teddy when she was still a bump herself! It’s a special little touch that made for images which have a sweet story behind them. And it only happened because we chose to shoot these in Hannahs home! ...And I'm sure it will be a lovely touch to include this teddy in baby's newborn photoshoot when the time comes!

And now (drumroll please) I’ve saved the best (in my opinion) to last.

I don’t even know where to start with this set of maternity portraits. Maybe I’ll share what Hannah told me when she saw her images, “It doesn’t even look like me!

It's so funny seeing yourself like that isn't it and such an amazing thing to look back on.”

The whole session was incredibly laid back, we chatted about all things pregnancy, birth and newborn, I couldn’t stop happy dancing because I knew how killer these photos would be and we did a whole lot of laughing!

I joked with Hannah that she was giving me some serious bedroom eyes, she laughed and said, “I didn’t think I had any!”

I told her, “the pregnancies would certainly suggest you do!”

Cue huge laughter and me catching this photo of Hannah mid genuine laugh, this is so quintessentially Hannah, always joking always laughing. It’s a thrill for me to give her maternity portraits that capture not only the beauty of her pregnancy but the essence of who she is!

All in all I had the best time ever and I’m so happy for Hannah and her family. I can’t wait to meet this baby and tell them what a wonderful loving home their coming into!

Sarah x


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As well as my bump to baby package I’m now able to offer maternity ‘mini’ sessions to celebrate the wonder of pregnancy. Sure to make for an unforgettable gift for the Mum to be in your life.

Get in touch to find out more.

For anyone who has been affected by miscarriage or loss of a baby you can find lots of amazing support with Sands..

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