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Natural Newborn Photography - Joy of the Documentary Approach - Newborn Photographer South Wales

Looking for a newborn photographer in South Wales? The idea of posed studio images make your toes curl? Let’s talk about how wonderful a documentary approach (like mine) is for creating natural newborn photography..

Comfort of home.

There once was a time when leaving the house meant just grabbing your keys and your phone then jumping into the car. Those days are gone. Please stop thinking about them, they no longer apply to you and it’s just upsetting to think about how easy it all was! That part of your life is over.

Leaving the house is now a military operation. There’s hours of prep work to be done before you can even think about opening the front door. Has baby been fed, changed, how much sleep have they had, have I double, no, triple checked the endless supplies needed in the bottomless changing bag?

By the time you’ve done all that and let’s face it changed little ones baby grow three times before you made it into the hallway, it’s a miracle if you’ve remembered which way round to put your own shoes on. 

So I suggest keeping trips out at the beginning to an absolute minimum. Which is why it’s so great to be able to create your natural newborn photography without having to step outside your door!

Baby is happy when they are close to you.

Baby has spent 10 months growing within you, safe and content. Growing in your warmth and listening to your voice. Now they’re out in the big bright world, it’s only natural that they feel happiest when snuggled up in your arms. Which is why I believe in taking images of baby held safely in the arms of their parents. This should be a calm experience for everyone.

I find Mum is also happiest, having her baby close to her!

Natural newborn photography full of emotion.

Yes these portraits will showcase just how beautiful your new baby is but there’s also SO much more to them! There’s no posing, no staging, no backdrops, I’m all about capturing this time as it really is. I come into your home and we have a relaxed time, we get to know each other and I’ll capture the subtle ways in which you interact with baby. How you instinctively stroke their face from love, those involuntary kisses placed on their heads, the warm smile that grows on your face as you look down at their sleepy expressions.

This is a very intimate approach to creating natural newborn photography and it makes for incredibly emotive imagery that you will connect with forever more.

There’s no time pressured deadline.

‘Traditional’ studio, posed newborn portraits require baby to be asleep to get them into all the wraps and different poses. This means you really need to have their photos taken within the first two weeks of baby’s life. Honestly I find the thought of trying to get that all arranged within 14 days of having a baby a little stressful.

With my approach baby can be happily asleep, feeding, wide eyed watching the world, alert as they like. No time limits, and who’s to say what age a child stops being a ‘newborn’? My little boy is nearly three and I still think of myself as being a new parent!! 


Of course baby’s safety is always a priority of all newborn photographers but never has it been more vital than in this current pandemic climate.

As I said before I will never ask to hold baby, they will always be in your hands. You are in control of how baby is held and positioned, baby will never be placed in a way you are uncomfortable with. With my hands off approach you know baby will never be in contact with unfamiliar, outside germs. If you are concerned about the risk of coronavirus and would like to take extra precautions I am now able to offer newborn sessions which abide to social distancing guidance. I’ll link to that service at the end of this post.

No baby knots…

Now this one is a bit controversial and I honestly mean no offence by it. Each to their own and all that but this has been something every single one of my clients has said to me…

“Why do people like to take photos of babies tied up in a basket?”

Feel like they’ll be a mob coming for me for saying that buuuut, I completely agree.

Personally I’m not a fan of wraps, posing and such. I believe they are beautiful images taken by talented people but they aren’t images which ignite any spark within me.

I want to create natural newborn photography full of connection, intimacy, love and memories and if you’re reading this then you probably feel the same way too! If that’s true then please do check out my newborn portfolio or my social distancing newborn sessions which I mentioned earlier.

I hope you can see why I am so passionate about creating such natural newborn photography with this approach and if you have any questions please drop me a message, I’d love to chat!


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