Hey, I'm Sarah, the founder of The Haile Collective.

In 2017, after years of self doubt and a lack of confidence I finally launched my first business, Sarah Haile Photo. I had always dreamt of being a maternity and newborn photographer and I was thrilled to finally be chasing that dream.


But I quickly found that promoting your own business was a hard slog. I struggled for two years, trying to learn as much as I could, piecing it together and working to turn my dream into reality. All while raising my young son and working a part time job.


In 2020 things changed. Everything fell into place and I finally figured out what I was doing. I was able to turn my side gig into my full time job!


It was such an incredible feeling and I realised that I wanted to help other small businesses achieve this too! And so, The Haile Collective was born....

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What We Do

Personal Branding Photography

Elevate your brand, website and social media with professional bespoke photography. Show your audience who you are and what you're all about. I help clients craft unique branding images which will speak directly to your ideal client!

Product Photography
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You've worked hard to create your product, you should be proud to show it off at it's absolute best! Working together we will create high quality images which showcase your product and fit your brand goals.

Stress Free Strategy

Everything you've ever wanted to know about promoting your business on Instagram. 1:1 calls or group workshops. I will help you understand how to market your business, develop a strategy and how to create impactful content when time is short. Instagram doesn't have to be hard.

Instagram Content Creation

Tired of the grind of creating your own social media content? We can create a months worth of strategic content for you. Freeing you up to focus on bigger projects to grow your business.

Opt in / Freebie

5 steps to optimising your instagram profile/ideal client workbook


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Work together

Do you feel like you're forever spinning plates, just waiting for them all to come crashing down around you? 

I know that feeling! Work, Motherhood, marketing, clients, the list is never ending!

So why not take one of those stresses away? 

Whether you want to create months worth of images so you're never stuck looking for something to post.  Or maybe you want to learn how to plan, create and post a months worth of content in stress free, manageable steps.

Owning your own business should leave you feeling empowered, not worn out. Let me help, get in touch.

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"I am very passionate about my job and love to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen. I am not afraid to say that navigating social media is something I have learnt as I am going along and if I am honest isn't always my favourite aspect of being a small business owner.


Sarah really knows her stuff and has some amazing ideas for organising and planning social media content. Whats more these tips are achievable. It is fantastic to end the session feeling as if I have more direction and a clear plan going forward. Even better that in only one day, with a few tweaks to my scheduled post I have already seen more interaction.


If you need some clarity with social media and are up for learning some clever tips I cannot recommend Sarah enough, you will not be disappointed.


Thanks again x"


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