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  • Sarah Louise Haile

Small Business Photography South Wales - Pre & Postnatal Fitness Instructor Photoshoot

In the realm of fitness, pre and postnatal instructors hold a unique position, guiding and empowering women during one of the most transformative periods of their lives. Their dedication to promoting wellness and strength deserves to be celebrated and showcased. Enter the personal branding photoshoot, an empowering experience that captures the essence and expertise of these exceptional fitness instructors. In this blog post, we dive into Alecs of 'Alecs Mac Fitness' personal branding photoshoot.

Alecs' story is one of determination and compassion. Having experienced the profound transformation of motherhood herself, she embraced the path of becoming a pre and postnatal fitness instructor. Her mission was to provide a safe haven for expecting mothers to maintain their strength and well-being throughout their pregnancies and postpartum journeys. Through her fitness programs, she aimed to empower women, helping them embrace the beauty of motherhood while nurturing their own bodies.

We chose for Alecs' photoshoot to take place at Llanfoist village hall which is the setting for one of Alecs' most popular classes. Not only did the halls light breezy feel add to Alecs' image but it gave a true glimpse into what her clients could expect when they attend one of her classes.

As Alec moved through each exercise, the camera captured her strength and grace in action. The photoshoot emphasized her dedication to her clients, as she displayed the correct form and technique for exercises that support expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy journey. We also included Alecs son and my own newborn into some of the images to showcase that Mums are welcome to bring their own children along to classes. Something us Mums can truly appreciate, childcare is often a huge hurdle for Mums!

To add an element of excitement and dynamism, we incorporated colourful smoke bombs into the photoshoot. We chose colours which matched Alecs' branding. As she confidently demonstrated her fun and friendly personality the smoke bombs emitted their vibrant hues, symbolising the explosion of life and energy she brings to her clients' lives. The interplay of colours against the backdrop created breathtaking imagery that encapsulated Alecs' essence as a fitness expert.

Through these stunning images, Alecs' personal brand truly came to life, leaving a lasting impact on her audience. The fusion of her charisma, passion, and the mesmerizing allure of the smoke bombs demonstrated the transformational power of personal branding, showing how it can elevate a professional's impact and connection with their clients. As Alecs continues to inspire and uplift countless mothers, these images will serve as a timeless testament to the beauty of her craft. Here is what she had to say about the experience and images we created together,

"Sarah is just amazing. I had so much fun at my photo shoot with her, I’m massively camera shy but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The whole session was completely natural and in no way forced and involved no “posing”.

The resulting photos absolutely blew me away, I think she genuinely worked some magic!"

If you are ready to elevate your business and become truly more visible to your potential clients please get in touch.

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