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Hey, I'm Sarah

Mother to Jasper and Otis, wife to Jonathan, Yorkshire lass, baking devotee, movie nerd, weight lifting enthusiast with the music taste of a middle aged man. Oh and I also create newborn photography from Abergavenny. She/Her. 


My journey into newborn photography in Abergavenny began after the birth of my first son, Jasper. I struggled in the early days to breastfeed him and the experience left me feeling like an utter failure as a Mother.

It wasn't until I met a wonderful group of local Abergavenny Mothers that I overcame those hurdles and finally flourished in Motherhood. Thanks to their support through the first couple of years of Motherhood I felt confident, held up and thoroughly cherished every moment of being Mummy. Those wonderful Mums inspired me to begin my passion project, "Mother Nurture." A photography series documenting other Mothers breastfeeding journies and giving them a platform to share their story to support other breastfeeding Mums.

Newborn Photography Abergavenny

It wasn't long before I was celebrating Mothers at all stages of their stories. Capturing the beauty of pregnancy, the sacredness of the fourth trimester and the beautiful chaos of life with growing children of all ages. Creating newborn photography in Abergavenny introduced me to an unexpected love! Who'd have thought it? Turns out I'm a marketing geek with a love of collaborating with other small businesses. So now I get to empower women not only in their role as Mothers but as business owners with a dream.

My work is a passion, serving others in this creative way makes my soul sing!

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Dear Mums

Yes I am dedicated to creating newborn photography from Abergavenny which captures the beauty of your new babe. Images you will forever cherish of them, memories you can revisit when your children grow to remind you how your story together began. 


But there’s something else. 


I want to create images that involve YOU. Mums should be in the picture. 


I know so many of us avoid the camera, especially when our bodies go through such incredible changes whilst bringing our babies into the world. I’m as guilty as you for hiding when someone brings out a camera. 


But let’s get some perspective.


We give our entire bodies to our children, literally and figuratively speaking. We spend our days and nights putting their needs first. Striving every day to be the Mum they need. We are their whole world. We deserve to be part of the celebration of their lives! 


And never forget that in the eyes of your child, you are perfect. When they look back at photos of you with them as babies, they’re not going to see the wobbly bits, the stretch marks, the wrinkles you so fear. They’ll see the smile you wore when you held them, they’ll feel the warmth of your familiar, safe embrace and they’ll be so thankful that you took the time to capture the moments they would have never remembered. 

Where to next?

Want to hear what my past clients have to say about their experience working with me? Click below!

Feel like we would be a great match? Send me a message and let's get talking about how I can serve you.

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