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Motherhood Photography South Wales

Mother Nurture

Mother Nurture is a breastfeeding portrait series created to empower and celebrate parents who choose to breastfeed their children. With this Motherhood photography South Wales we are sharing beautiful images of nursing Mothers along with their own honest stories of breastfeeding.


These sessions are free of charge (within Monmouthshire) and each Mother will receive one image with the option to purchase more. Ready to get involved? 

A bit about Sarah

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Hey, I’m Sarah the photographer and Mother behind the Mother Nurture series. I have always been passionate about Motherhood photography South Wales but it was once I became a breastfeeding Mother myself that I realised the power of sharing these breastfeeding stories.


Mine and my sons breastfeeding journey got off to a bumpy start, it was hard, it was painful and I felt like a failure. Thankfully though I was surround by wonderful, supportive breastfeeding Mums who were happy to share their wisdom, their own stories both the highs and the lows. 


Thanks to these women myself and my son had a glorious year of breastfeeding, I was proud to feed him and am so incredibly grateful for that chapter of our life. I know I couldn’t have had any of that without the words and support of my Mum friends and that’s exactly why I started this project! 


It’s an absolute honour to give other Mums these beautiful images of their own breastfeeding journey and I am so happy to share their stories with the world at large.

Motherhood Photography South Wales

As for the Mother Nurture sessions themselves, here’s what to expect. 


Sessions are free of charge within Monmouthshire and each Mother will receive one free image from her session. There is the option to purchase more afterwards but there is honestly no pressure to spend anything!

All I ask is that you allow me to share your images and story online, this website and my photography Instagram & Facebook (@sarahhailephoto) If you want to take part but do not feel comfortable sharing images of your child online then please let me know and I can be sure to share only images where their face is not visible. 

Once you get in touch with me we can arrange a date and location for your session. Where we take your photos is entirely up to you and I will work with you to make the best decision. As these sessions are free of charge I am only available to offer one per month so there is a chance you could be added to a waiting list for your session. 


The sessions are very relaxed and natural. Once we have met up and you feel comfortable I will ask you to feed baby. Then I snap away creating your Motherhood photography South Wales. 


If you have any other questions for me please feel free to drop me a message on Instagram, Facebook or email me here.  

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