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Documentary Style

Family Photographer South Wales

If you're looking for a studio setting, with a blank background and go to poses then I'm afraid that you're in the wrong place! Natural and relaxed images are where it's at people!

I am reportage style family photographer in South Wales, I bring a unique documentary approach to capture life as it really is for you in this chapter of life. Together we create intimate portraits completely unique to you and your family. 


Agh Sarah is so amazing!!! I’ve had three lots of photo shoots with her now and each one has created amazingly special memories! Moments I’ll never get back again... and especially with a little one who is growing so fast these will always be so treasured by me.
She’s easy to be around and relax around - making for very natural and ‘real’ pictures - which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much Sarah xx

From Nadia

Family Photographer South Wales 

I believe your family portraits should be a celebration of who you are, who your children are and your life right now! They should be full of memories that really mean something to you, taken in places that are special to you. That’s exactly why this family photographer in South Wales doesn’t believe in studios, posing and matching outfits! 


A session with me takes place on a location of your choice, somewhere that brings your family joy, it could be your favourite place to hike or simply the comfort of your own home.  I won’t force you into awkward poses or get you all to stare down my lens and give me your best ‘cheese’ smile. No. I want you to simply have fun with your family, interact, share stories and laughs. And without you even realising I’ll create your family portraits full of love and connection. 

I have had three mum/baby photo sessions with Sarah over the last couple of years and I have found her to be an exceptionally gifted photographer. During the most recent session my 2 year old was in a rather excitable and unco-operative mood, however Sarah's down to earth personality meant that the experience was enjoyable and relaxed. My toddler had been wanting to do his own thing for a lot of the session so when she sent me the photos I actually couldn't believe how many gorgeous photos she had taken in a short space of time. She is highly skilled and the photos she produces are natural and beautiful - everything down to the lighting, composition and the way in which she captures a personality. I highly recommend Sarah and will treasure these photos.

From Mari