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Baby Photography South Wales

Welcome to the blog! Here’s where you’ll find stories from session shoots to give you a little glimpse into what a photoshoot with me is like. I talk about all things to do with family, maternity & baby photography in South Wales. There’s also stories shared by breastfeeding Mothers, tales from parenthood, advice to support other Mothers on their journey. Because that’s what all this is about celebrating Motherhood in all it’s wonderful chaos!

You might’ve noticed that this isn’t simply a blog just about photography, there’s lots here too about parenting and mental health. You see my mission as a photographer is to celebrate and support all the Mothers I meet, it’s about so much more than creating run of the mill, generic photos! 


I’m about getting to know you, understanding how you got to where you are, what makes you tick and celebrating it all! And guess what, all of that helps me create images that really tell your story, speak to you and fill you with all those warm fuzzy feelings! I want to create a meaningful connection with you so that I can create the most relaxed experience that fits you perfectly! 

Baby Photography South Wales

If you've enjoyed reading about happy families, blooming bumps, baby photography in South Wales and beyond. Would you like to see more? Then have a gander through my portfolio pages and see what authentic, relaxed images I have had the pleasure of creating for my happy clients!  

If you have any questions at all, I’m so happy for you to send them my way to help you along. Of course if you’re ready to talk about creating some of your very own magic then contact me and let’s get to know one another!


I can't wait to hear from you, especially as I spend most of my time conversing with my five year old and baby. The idea of speaking to another adult about something other than dinosaurs is a big deal for me! How exciting! 

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