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South Wales Photographer Reviews

I pride myself in giving my clients the most incredible experience from start to finish of working together. I'd like to think this South Wales photographer reviews back that up entirely! 

Please take a look at some of the kind words these lovely people have shared about me and my work.

P.S also keep in mind that whenever I receive messages like this it makes me burst out into spontaneous happy there's that.


Sarah is absolutely incredible at what she does because she's driven by her passion for her skill. Every time she's shot my family it's been such a fantastic, memorable experience. I think Sarah's captured most of our most treasured memories. My little girl is always so relaxed around her and even my husband doesn't mind a photoshoot or two! Sarah makes you feel instantly relaxed and actually you forget she's there! She captures the spirit of my little girl perfectly that no posed picture ever could. She brings those special moments to life and freezes them for you to treasure forever. I have to say the best bit about a booking with Sarah, apart from the delicious northern accent! Is getting that email to say your images are ready. The excitement I get every time when I see Sarah's name land in my inbox is like Christmas morning! And guaranteed I'm always in tears of happiness when I see those perfect images that I know Sarah has put her heart and soul into. I highly recommend her to everyone and am guilty of thinking of things just for Sarah to come and capture!


South Wales Photographer Reviews

Thanks for taking the time to read what this lovely lot had to say. Now have a look around my site to see the beautiful families I've had the pleasure to work with. 

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Monmouthshire, South Wales.

Have love, will travel.

Thanks! Can't wait to chat!

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