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Social Media Marketing Small Businesses - Time Saving Tips - Commercial Photography South Wales

Want to know how I schedule a weeks worth of content on Instagram and Facebook in less than an hour? Course you do! Let me share my favourite tips for social media marketing small businesses edition.

Content strands!

Social Media Marketing Small Businesses bristol caterer
A great example of a content strand for a food business could be sharing recipes.

What is a content strand? This is simply creating subjects relevant to your business that you can post about each week. Here’s a few for example..

  1. Testimonials

  2. Inspirational quotes

  3. A piece of valuable information, which is interesting to your audience… I like to share interesting facts on pregnancy and babies

  4. Introducing yourself to your followers

When you have a set list of subjects or content strands to pull on it saves you struggling to think about what you should write!

Batch create content for social media marketing small businesses!

Social Media Marketing Small Businesses south wales gym
Covering this strength contest gave my client MONTHS worth of content to share

Once you have some content streams it’s a great idea to create a bunch of posts that fit within them. One afternoon I spent an hour turning all of my client testimonials into eye catching posts using canva.

I wrote my captions and schedule the posts for every Tuesday, that’s months worth of posts! It means that each week I have one less post to think about! Which brings me nicely onto my next point..

Of course I provide commercial photography in South Wales and beyond, so you know I have to mention the joys of booking me. It fits ever so nicely into this tip.. In one afternoon with me I can help you create enough content to fill your feed for weeks, no months! No that’s some killer batch content creation….back to the tips.

NEVER cross post.

Social Media Marketing Small Businesses networking event
Cross posting is a rookie mistake to avoid.

When scheduling your posts for the week it’s always worth scheduling your posts for Instagram and Facebook separately. This might seem a little counter intuitive when you have the option to schedule them on Instagram and have them posted on Facebook that way.

But its not a good idea. For starters tagging others in your post on one platform won’t translate to the other. Secondly hashtags from Instagram don’t work on Facebook in fact all they really do is give your viewer a quick link to your competitors!

I like to schedule Facebook posts in Facebook itself, Instagram photos through Hootsuite and Instagram videos through the Instagram creator studio.

This might hurt.

commercial photography south wales health retreat event food
The benefits of long form content are HUGE.

I have a feeling you won’t like this one but here we go…

You need to be creating longform content! Personally I choose to write a blog every week for my website. That might sound like a lot but I cannot express how important it is and how huge the benefits are! (I’ll blog about that another time, or you can drop me a message whenever!)

As I mentioned there’s lots of reasons for this, I mention it here for two reasons. It gives direction to your social posts for the week. Plus when planning social media marketing for small businesses you can create one or two posts by simply taking a snippet from that blog!

commercial photography south wales personal trainer headshot
Helping other small businesses achieve their goals is a passion for me!

Now I don’t claim to be a social media marketing small businesses expert! But I AM a small business owner and I’ve found since I implemented these above tips my life has been a LOT easier! I’ve saved myself so much time and importantly STRESS!!

I will be sharing a lot more of this kind of content in coming months so be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date.

Want to know more about elevating your small business? Head to my commercial service page and let me show you how I can help you save time and attract your IDEAL clients.


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