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Motherhood Photography South Wales - A Year of Photoshoots - Thank You 2023

Standing on the brink of 2024 it’s time to take a pause, breath and look back through the memories of the last 12 months. It’s been a rollercoaster of joys and challenges both professionally and personally. Join me on this journey as I reflect on the snapshots of 2023.

This year began with my own personal journey, working through the shadows of postnatal depression. In sharing my honest, vulnerable story I discovered a powerful connection with the Mothers I have had the honour to photograph. By being vulnerable I hope to have helped other women to know they are not alone and that support is out there, even if that’s just reaching out to me for a cup of coffee and a chat. As hard as post natal depression has been it has just fed my passion to support Mothers through every stage of their journey.

It’s been an incredible year for photoshoots. I hosted an unforgettable mini session event in the woods to celebrate Mothers day, an intimate day of ‘milky minis’ capturing Mothers breastfeeding their babies, I invited families to join me in a field of sunflowers to create special memories together. And of course I celebrated world breastfeeding week with nine brilliant mums and children coming together to embrace their breastfeeding journey.

I’ve played a small part in celebrating women’s matrescences, capturing images of this incredible transition, from maiden to Mother. From photographing pregnant women in castles, medieval windows, waist deep in rivers. Then returning to these Mums when their babes are earthside, cuddled up in their Mother’s embraces.

This year I’ve worked with families of all ages, from all corners of the world, on the tops of mountains at sunset to huge cake filled picnics at the park. Together we have laughed, cried and celebrated all those tiny miracles of parenthood. It’s been incredible!

It’s been an honour to return to collaborating with other small local businesses. Crafting unique, creative photography to help them market their businesses and stand out to their clients. It’s genuinely a passion of mine to work with small businesses, helping them reach the dreams they had when they first stepped into the insane world of running a business!

Of course a huge highlight of 2023 was founding The Mamau Collective, four local Mother focused businesses dedicated to meeting Mothers wherever they are and giving them the support they need to thrive. We hosted our first ever pregnancy retreat which was a day full of magic, connection and wellbeing. I can’t think of any better way to step into your fourth trimester than that!

As I reflect on the year I cant help but feel so excited for what lies ahead. My studio is more than just a physical space, it’s a canvas for stories waiting to be told. Next year will be just as full of moments honouring Motherhood, celebrating life and finding the beauty in every day!

So before I sign off for the year I want to invite you to join me on the journey to come. Please sign up for my newsletter so you can be a part of an incredible 2024.

Sending you so much love and happiness for the new year! Sarah x

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