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Newborn Photography South Wales - Photography Studio in Abergavenny - Motherhood Photography

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of South Wales the doors of a brand new photography studio in Abergavenny are open! The Sarah Haile Photo studio is a serene space dedicated to commemorating one of life’s most incredible journey - Motherhood! Here to honour every stage of Motherhood, pregnancy, the fourth trimester, breastfeeding and beyond. Welcome to the studio that understands and embraces the emotion of Mothering, every frame honouring the bond you share with your children.

The Studios Vision

Why Motherhood photography? As a photographer my mission has always been to put Mothers in the photos. So often we are the ones behind the camera, grabbing shots here and there with our phones. Creating the memories but so rarely actually featuring in them! You pour so much into your children and that deserves to be captured and celebrated!

In this photography studio in Abergavenny I will capture beautiful images of your babies but so much more too. Images that capture the love you share for them, the soft smile you wear whenever you hold them close how perfectly they fit into your embrace.

I am here to support you through every stage of this journey. Creating images which honour the miracle happening inside your blooming pregnant body. Photos of your sacred fourth trimester full of those big emotions that you can treasure forever. Celebrating your body and that incredible bond as you breastfeed your little one. Toddlers to teens every year you grow as a Mother, your relationship evolves and you deserve portraits to remember every step.

The Photographer

Now for a little about me, the person welcoming you into this photography studio in Abergavenny. My name is Sarah, I am a dedicated Mother of two, my 6 year old Jasper and 1 year old Otis. They are my world and they are the reason I began this work. Becoming a Mother changed me in every way imaginable, matrescence was absolutely the making of me. It made me proud of my body for giving me my two children and sustaining them for the first year of their lives. Gave me so much courage to create a life that I love and truly step out into the world. And becoming a Mother meant I stepped into the most incredible community there is, the support and connection shared between all Mothers is incredibly beautiful. Those reasons and so many others were exactly why I created this business all those years ago.

The Experience

Mothers who have entered the studio space have all commented on how calm it feels, I am sure you’ll sense that too. I want you to feel immediately at home which is why I always get your coffee order before a session so we can sit together over a hot drink and get to know each other first. Once you and baby feel settled in this photography studio in Abergavenny we begin shooting.

My focus during a session is always comfort, be that yours or your little ones, breaks are always encouraged. I will gently guide you along, giving prompts but always keeping the conversation flowing so that it always feels easy and natural and not like you’re having to stiffly pose throughout!

As I mentioned conversation is a huge part of any session, I want to know all about your experience of Motherhood. I believe that by having you revisit all of those moments we can capture the emotion of it all with images that feely truly authentic to who you are.

Here’s a little note from Megan, one of my past Mothers about working with me,

“We were lucky enough to have Sarah to photograph us with our new baby and we are so glad that we did! Her photography skills were amazing and quite frankly we had the best time too. Most importantly the photos turned out beautiful and we now get to keep those treasured memories forever. Really natural, timeless photographs. Highly recommend Sarah Haile.”

When life as a Mother seems to rush past this welcoming photography studio in Abergavenny is the sanctuary you need to slow it all down and truly be present. I invite you to capture these emotions, tell your story and immortalise the chapter you are in right now. This is more than just photos, this is a testament to your enduring love as a Mother.

Reach out to me to talk about your Motherhood photography session.

There are several ways we can work together and I know we will find a way that works for you and your budget.

Thanks to this cosy photography studio in Abergavenny I am now offering sessions called, “The midweek minis”. Click this link to find out more,

If you would prefer a full session which can take place in the studio, your home or any location you would like, click here for all of my collections.


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