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Family Photographer South Wales - Brecon Family Photographer - At home and Outdoor photoshoot

The arrival of a new baby is a momentous occasion that deserves to be cherished and remembered for years to come. As parents, we want to capture every adorable expression, every tiny detail, and every heartwarming moment of our little one's early days. That's where a professional family photographer comes in, ready to transform your home into a personalised studio for an unforgettable at-home baby photo session. If you're in the beautiful Brecon area, you're in luck, just take a look at this relaxed portrait session with Megan, Luc and Todd.

We began our session in the families home. Megan had told me how much she enjoyed my style of work but was worried that in her home we wouldn’t be able to achieve the same results. She really needn’t have worried at all. I walked in delighted to see a beautiful old window letting in heaps of natural light. Jackpot!!

It goes to show that all we need is one well lit, cosy spot. We were able to create an entire set of images without moving from that window! We captured Mum breastfeeding, Dad and Todd playing, the gorgeous details of their beautiful baby boy and even images of this whole family smiling together.

When I work with a family it is my goal to give them images full of love and connection. I ask parents to hold baby in tight, close their eyes, kiss them gently as they take a calm moment to enjoy this all encompassing love. I asked Megan to do just that with her baby boy and not only did it mean we captured beautiful images of a Mother kissing her son but also these brilliant portraits of Todd covered in lipstick kisses!

As if this session couldn’t get any dreamier we headed out to a nearby scenic spot, just outside of Brecon. A beautiful family with a beautiful waterfall backdrop!

Raising babies can feel like a non-stop whirlwind at times. So when the opportunity comes by to slow down a little and take stock of how incredible this journey is, you have to grab it. A family photo session is a wonderful chance to do just that and I cannot imagine a better setting for this than nestled in the hills of Brecon with the sound of a rushing waterfall behind.

Now as beautiful and tranquil as this session was I feel the need to share one aspect that was perhaps not so ideal….as we headed toward a wooded area to capture these following images of Megan nursing Todd out in nature, one thing didn’t go quite to plan. That was me slipping quite dramatically down a hill and landed right on my back side!!! Thankfully I was fine and more importantly, my cameras were fine. But it did give us all a good giggle!

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Come and visit me over on Instagram to see more of my work and see if I am the right photographer for your family photoshoot with baby.

If you want to talk about arranging your own photoshoot to capture the bond between you and your children please get in touch.


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