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Celebrating Motherhood
with timeless portraits.

Newborn Photography, South Wales

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Creating intimate and authentic newborn photography in South Wales. For the parents who want to celebrate this magical yet fleeting chapter. Parents who want to embrace the overwhelming love they have for their tiny babe, with honest and emotive newborn portraits. 


No poses. No props. No backdrops. 


Just you, your baby and the incredible bond you share. Bringing a documentary approach to create timeless images that will forever transport you back to the days when baby was new to the world. 

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Newborn Photography South Wales

Hey I'm Sarah

Mother, wife, photographer and passionate about honouring Motherhood.

I live to create images that capture the precious moments of being a parent. It's an honour to empower other women and celebrate their biggest adventure yet!

In my spare time you'll find me.....who am I kidding I don't have spare time! I'm a home educating Mum running her own own business. I'm forever doing at least three things at once. But honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. Thriving on the chaos of life!

Want to know more?

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Couldn’t be happier! Loved every minute of the experience. Sarah was brilliant and so lovely to work with. She was so relaxed and friendly, and because we were so relaxed too we ended up with the most beautiful natural shots. She even got my toddler to behave for the camera! And the video was a complete surprise and bonus - everyone who has seen it got a bit teary-eyed! We’re so happy we chose you and have these amazing family photos to look back on xxx

From Lindsey 

Let's get something straight...

If you’re looking to hop into a studio, have baby wrapped in all kinds of pretzel like poses and create the same baby photos that everyone else has…then sorry you’re in the wrong place! 


I’m about creating newborn photography in South Wales with a bit more meaning. 


I want to get to know you so I can create images that really capture who you are and tell your story properly. We’ll create your portraits within the comfort of your own home. I’ll use my artistic eye to document those hazy newborn days in all their beauty. You’ll have newborn portraits that capture everything from the swirl of babes hair, to the soft smile on your face when you hold them close. 


Your images will be completely and utterly unique to you and your blossoming family. 

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Very professional and Sarah made the whole family feel at ease. She took fantastic photos of us including the dog! Such natural photos and she has the patience of a saint. I never like photos of myself but you've taken ones that I love. Would highly recommend her services and we will definitely be using her again. Thank you so much.

From Haz
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Embrace your blooming bump,

A time of peace and calm as you wait for baby to arrive. Intimate portraits to capture the serene beauty of this time.


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Celebrate your biggest adventure yet,

Welcoming your new baby into this world 

and documenting your transition into a Mummy.


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Newborn Photography South Wales

Treasure your tribe,

Bringing a documentary approach to 

create authentic family portraits full

of love and connection.


Newborn Photography South Wales abergavenny family with baby

Family Photographer South Wales

Mother Nurture

A breastfeeding portrait series dedicated to sharing honest stories and images of breastfeeding Mothers. SEE MORE

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Motherhood Photography South Wales

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But I hate having my picture taken!

So we've established that I don't do the 'traditional' newborn photography in South Wales. Instead I'm creating images which really tell your story. I want to give you portraits which capture that glowing feeling you are filled with whenever you look down at your new babe. This stuff is pure magic BUT it does mean you have to be in the picture too. 

Us Mums are known to be very camera shy creatures. I get it! I'm exactly the same! Who can blame us though when we're forever being bombarded with these 'bounce back' photos of celebrities who have given birth then immediately look cat walk ready?!   

Well please pardon me but SOD THAT! You don't have to 'bounce back' you are perfect just as you are especially in the eyes of the new baby you have just brought into the world. You are filled to the brim with the biggest love a person can experience and there's absolutely nothing more beautiful than that. 


Please let me capture your newborn photography in South Wales so I can show you just how dazzling, strong and magnificent YOU are.

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