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Commercial Photography South Wales - Personal Trainer Photoshoot - Moga with Em

I’ve been sitting on this one for quite some time. How long you might ask? Well the lovely Emma, featured in these photos is now in her third trimester of pregnancy, that should give you some idea of how long I’ve been sitting on the images from this laid back personal trainer photoshoot!

small business owner working at home on ipad laughing

It’s been a long while since I shared commercial session on this website, so why now? Well for the past several months I have been working away at launching ‘The Haile Collective’ a business dedicated to helping other small businesses master their social media marketing efforts. But more about that another time, for now let’s get into this personal trainer photoshoot!

woman performing body weight strength movement close up feet
woman supported handstand up wall feet walking up wall
female small business owner personal trainer photoshoot

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had the pleasure working with Emma over the years! She is one half of Primal Fitness Hub, who I work with on a monthly basis to provide them with a never ending supply of images and video for their marketing! However this was the first time we got to work one on one, just us girls…I hate that phrase…..just us women in business…much better! ;)

yoga instructor personal branding photoshoot south wales
yoga instructor Commercial Photography South Wales
 Commercial Photography South Wales yoga instructor
yoga instructor personal branding photoshoot south wales

For this personal trainer photoshoot Emma wanted to shoot outside of her gym, our usual workplace, to get some more ‘lifestyle’ images. Lots of natural and relaxed photos of her practicing her unique strength and stretch ‘Moga’ classes. And yes it was absolutely necessary to include her beloved dog Lola in the images, she is the gym mascot and everyone of Emmas clients is besotted with this curly pooch!

yoga instructor fun personal branding photoshoot south wales
yoga instructor personal branding photoshoot south wales dog

As well as plenty of images of Emma on the mat doing what she does best we wanted to show another side during our personal trainer photoshoot. So we set up in the living room to get lots of casual images of Emma, hanging out at home with her dog and fitting in some work. Images that were friendly, relatable and show so much of Emmas lovely personality. I always recommend having a good variety in the images created during a shoot to keep your feed fresh. It’s also SO important to create images people feel they can relate to, yes you are a business they are buying from/working with but they still want to feel like they know the PERSON behind it!

commercial photography south wales personal trainer cardiff
commercial photography south wales cardiff personal trainer
personal branding small business owner at home laughing
female entrepreneur at home casual laughing headshot usk

Our final location on our personal trainer photoshoot was a stone throw away from Emmas home. And what a lush location it was! Lots of long swaying grass for us to work in. This little series is a favourite of mine. I know how awkward it can feel to have a camera in your face so I always work to make the experience more comfortable. I joked with Emma asking if she knew how to ‘smize’…. Google it. So together we did our best smizing and quite annoyingly, Emma looked so good doing it! This did leads to lots of laughing which is how we created these genuine smiles, so good!

woman laughing sat in long green grass south wales monmouth
personal trainer sat long green grass south wales monmouth
personal trainer personal branding headshots south wales
yoga instructor personal branding headshots south wales
small business owner headshot outdoors nature south wales
yoga instructor poses flow outdoors nature south wales

Then right at the end our session became less personal trainer photoshoot and more album cover photoshoot as Emma lay in the grass and we got some of these absolutely STUNNING shots of her! What a way to finish!!

fun unique personal branding headshot south wales
woman laying in long grass headshot bead necklace
commercial photography south wales woman in long grass

To see more of my personal branding photography I highly recommend this session for a local yoga superstar. Mountains, wild horses and sunsets…that’s how we roll!!

Ready to up your business with some killer personal branding headshots and enough images to keep you fresh on social media for MONTHS! Get in touch.

You can find lots more personal branding and a HEAP of tips on social media marketing over on The Haile Collective Instagram.


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