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Family Photography South Wales - Natural Family Photos - Archie Turns One

First birthdays are emotional, there’s no two ways about it! As a Mother it’s a very significant milestone, a whole year since you brought a life into the world! But here’s something…it’s not just emotional for you but for your newborn photographer too! When Amelia asked me to come back to their home to create some natural family photos celebrating Archies first birthday. Well! I couldn’t believe it had already been a year since I was there creating those newborn photos!!!

Thanks to one of my biggest loves in life, Instagram, I’ve been able to keep in touch with Amelia. I’ve loved seeing her journey as a Mother as well as seeing Archie grow. Never have a seen a photo of this boy where he is not beaming with the most gorgeous grin! I’m happy to say that he brought that lovely smile with him when we were shooting these natural family photos!

As I mentioned earlier, I had the pleasure of being in Amelia, Dom and Archies home this time last year, creating the families newborn photos. It’s always wonderful to be invited back to celebrate these milestones for so many reasons. But as a photographer, one of my things is being able to recreate photos from the newborn session.

So during this natural family photos session we sat just where we had last year, I had the family sit together once more. I asked Dom to lay Archie on his lap just as he had when his son was a tiny newborn. Admittedly a little tricker this time as of course Archie was a little more wriggly than he was a newborn! I love doing this so that parents can have that side by side comparison to see how much their babies have grown, how much THEY themselves have changed after a year of being parents. This growth, those changes are easy to miss when you’re living it but it’s important to have a reminder of how far you’ve come.

After having everybody sharing the spotlight in these natural family photos it was time to give Archie the stage to himself! Now I’m sure you can imagine that I’ve seen lots of different techniques used by parents to get their little ones smiling, laughing, looking at the camera. Everything from, parents dancing behind me, signing, playing instruments to using my body to hide behind for a game of peepo. But I have to say this was the first time I’ve seen a dig whistle being used!! Archie loved it, so much so that you can probably spot him playing with it in these cheeky shots!

Honestly I am in love with all of these natural family photos. This such a wonderful family, who just make my job so easy! We wandered around the garden finding spots to shoot in and then Mum, Dad and Archie just shone. Amazing!

Now for the main event, cake smash time! I mean, what’s a birthday without a cake?! If you’ve seen my work before then you might now how much I love a cake smash. They make for the most joyous pictures with happy, messy kids!

Want to see more kids living their best life enjoying a cake smash? Head to this blog.

If you’ve been searching for someone to create your own natural family photos, you’ve found her! Drop me a message and we can chat!

Finally, you can always find me over on Instagram so please come say hi!


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