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Maternity Photography South Wales - Magical Pregnancy Photoshoot in Monmouth

Maternity photoshoots are a cherished way for expectant mothers to celebrate the beautiful journey of pregnancy. It's an opportunity to capture the joy, anticipation, and love surrounding this special time. In this blog post, we will delve into a unique and enchanting maternity photoshoot that takes place in a medieval room, with the mother adorned in a stunning dress from my client wardrobe. Let's embark on a journey through time and explore the magic of this captivating photoshoot.

Imagine stepping into a room illuminated by the most breathtaking picture window. The ambiance exudes the mystique of a bygone era, transporting you to a medieval world. It is within this captivating setting that our maternity photoshoot unfolds, creating an otherworldly backdrop for the expecting mother's timeless beauty.

This was the setting we chose to create Abbies maternity portraits. And as if this wasn’t quite enough we had Abbie adorned in the most spectacular flowing gown chosen to accentuating this mother's growing belly. This carefully chosen attire not only adds elegance but also allows the mother to fully embrace the spirit of the era, making her feel like a queen from the past.

Together we captures the emotions and radiance of this Abbie against the medieval backdrop. The soft lighting accentuates her natural glow, illuminating the room and casting a magical aura. Abbie’s delicate and serene expressions capture the joy, anticipation, and love she feels for the little life growing within her. Each click of the camera freezes a moment in time, immortalising the beauty and emotions of this precious period.

For the second half of our photoshoot we chose a more casual and relaxed outfit to show off Abbies wonderful bump. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful chapters of a woman’s life and the combination of a simple unbuttoned shirt and jeans allowed us to capture the simple wonder of it all.

All women deserve to feel beautiful and celebrated during their pregnancy, here is what Abbie had to say about her experience with me,

“Sarah was amazing to work with. I had a maternity shoot done, a time when a woman can lack confidence and feel unfamiliar with her own body and the changes it is going through, but Sarah made me feel so comfortable and when I saw the finished photos, I felt beautiful. The result of these photographs made me cherish my pregnancy so much more and made me feel so good about myself and my changing body. Sarah is such a lovely person to work with and a talented photographer. I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Sarah! x”

To see more of my maternity work please take a look through my portfolio page, I think you’ll see each session is truly unique.

Let’s talk about creating images to immortalise this magical chapter of your life, get in touch.

Come and get to know me a little on Instagram to see if I am the right person to document your journey of Motherhood.


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