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Newborn photography spam time! I’ve been itching to share this at home lifestyle newborn session with you! This couple, Amelia and Dom were just so lovely and friendly! It was a pleasure to hang out with them and meet their lovely little Archie. So lets jump into this lovely sunny session!

One of the joys of living and shooting in this area is getting to visit all these gorgeous out of the way homes. One of the hard parts of living and shooting in this area is getting to visit all these gorgeous out of the way homes…..I had such a hard time finding Amelia and Doms house! Amelia had given me some wonderful directions but I managed to get myself completely turned around on my journey! A few U turns, refreshing my maps, analysing Amelias texts and a phone call later, I got to the house! Let me tell you, it was absolutely worth the work for this home and it’s stunning views!

We started our lifestyle newborn session by wandering through the garden to a lovely shaded spot sitting in the long grass. I always like to start my sessions with the whole family sitting down together, so we can chat whilst the get comfortable with me snapping away. This setting was just perfect, the wind blowing gently, the leaves above diffusing the warm sunlight and not a sound to be heard, bliss! Soon I discovered we had a friend joining us..I caught a little cricket trying to stow away in my camera bag back to my house! I’m sure my son would have been thrilled with a cricket chirping in our home, me and my husband probably not so much!

Amelia and Doms home has the most gorgeous terrace with those aforementioned stunning views. So you know I have to share some of the shots we got with that wonderful scenic backdrop! Hanging out with these guys was so easy, we stood there chatting all things baby and I remember having a good giggle when talking about the struggles of picking names. You never know how many people you dislike till you have to choose a name for baby, right?!

Archie was a dream, so chilled out but on this glorious sunny day the heat started to leave him a little unsettled. One of the beauties of a lifestyle newborn session is that it’s a real go with the flow kind of affair. If baby is unhappy, we take a break, there’s never pressure for things to go ‘perfectly’. In fact I love when a session is put on pause so baby can be soothed. Mum or Dad loving on their baby when they need it most makes for the perfect photo filled with love! So we headed inside to give Archie a break from the sun and before we knew it he was happy and ready for more!

At the time of shooting this lifestyle newborn session I was still strictly maintaining social distancing measures and therefore not entering my clients homes. Luckily Dom and Amelias home has huge patio doors we were able to throw open. This little family could cuddle up together on the sofa whilst I shot from outside! Whilst we created these loving, intimate images the families two dogs sat patiently out of the way. Now you guys know I love to involve a pet so of course we had the pups join in two! I’m so glad we did because this shot of Amelia throwing her head back laughing as Dom tries to control the two excited dogs is one of my favourites from the day!

A note from Dom,

“We had a lovely outdoor shoot with our 5 week old - Sarah made us feel very comfortable and we loved the outcome of the photos! Would definitely recommend”

A note from Amelia,

“We had a wonderful outside photography shoot with Sarah. She captured such beautiful shots of our little family and all in such a natural way. They will be cherished by us well into the future! Sarah was so professional and lovely and I can't recommend her enough!”

I’m really excited to say that I am now offering newborn sessions inside peoples home once again! Of course I will take all necessary precautions for you and babies safety. However if you would feel comfortable keeping your session outside then I am more than happy to do that too! 

Head over to my Instagram to keep up with all the gorgeous baby goodness. Or drop me a message to chat about your lifestyle newborn session.

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Sarah Haile is a Mother, Wife and Photographer based in Abergavenny, South Wales. Since her transformation into Motherhood she uses her camera to celebrate and empower the journeys of the Mothers she meets.

….she also quite likes speaking in the third person..

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