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Pregnancy Photography Bristol - Book your Maternity Photoshoot - What to Expect.

Updated: May 14, 2020

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Such a wonderful, exciting and heartburn filled time… So you’re curious about celebrating your big news with your own bespoke maternity photoshoot, lets talk about what you can expect from how to book your maternity photoshoot to when you'll get your images.

sarah haile photo pregnancy photography bristol
Silhouette of Mum to be

When you've decided you're ready to book your maternity photoshoot the first thing we’ll do is arrange a FaceTime call to discuss a few details like dates, location, who will be at the shoot and what you hope to get from your experience. It’s also a great chance to get to know each other a little better!

book your maternity photoshoot expectant couple south wales
So easy to book your maternity photoshoot

Once we’ve had our chat, I’ll send you through some handy tips and tricks on getting yourself ready for our session. It’s mainly just an e-mail with me reminding you to have some me time and relax. Have a lovely soak in the bath, get your nails done or enjoy a zenned out shavasana. Whatever it is that helps you get your glow on! A great chance to indulge in some lovely self care, Mama I know you deserve it!

I will also send you a little message the day before our photoshoot just to make sure baby brain hasn’t made you forget!

book your maternity photoshoot
A Mother to be and her glowing bump

As for the shoot itself, it’s an incredibly relaxed time together. We’ll have a good chat, talk all things babies and birth (without a doubt my favourite topic), I like to let you get comfortable before I get my camera out. I know it can be a little strange to have your photo taken especially if this is your first time. there’s no rush, no pressure, I want to be sure you enjoy your session.

Every single one of my clients tells me how relaxed I made them in front of the camera. I completely understand how awkward it can feel to be in front of a lens, (I’m exactly the same) but you can trust me. I’ll make it fun and laid-back and will capture absolutely stunning portraits of you and your gorgeous bump!

Sarah Haile Photo Pregnancy Portrait Mum To Be Smiling
Mama smiles down on her beautiful bump

During the session I’ll move you around a little to find the best light, I’ll give you the odd prompt such as, “look down at your bump and think about the moment you will hold baby for the first time.” These session aren’t about standing you in a pretty spot and getting you to pose, it’s much more organic than that, I want to just create a space where you can really think about how wonderful this time is. Then within that space I’ll create your natural images full of love and peace.

The day after our session I will send you a sneak peak, usually my favourite shot from our session that I just couldn’t wait for you to see. Honestly I get just as excited as you!

Book Your Maternity Photoshoot Maternity Boudoir Portrait
Big smiles for a confident Mum to be

You can expect your full viewing gallery of 30+ images 2-3 weeks after your photoshoot. Every maternity session includes 5 digital images but of course if you simply can’t choose (that is SO common) you’re welcome to purchase more.

All you need to do then is wait for baby to make their appearance!

We can arrange your newborn session whenever you’re ready.

If you have any questions then please feel free to drop me a message any time

If you want to read about why I believe with all my heart that every woman should have maternity portraits created then read this!


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