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Pregnancy Photography South Wales - Pregnancy Photoshoot - Mum to Be Charlotte

Time to share one of my favourite kind of sessions a pregnancy photoshoot! This time with the beautiful Mum to be Charlotte and her lovely husband Liam and a brief cameo from ‘Frank the Tank’. Keep scrolling for more of this intimate pregnancy photoshoot in rainy Monmouth.

Yes I’m sharing ANOTHER rainy day session, the joys of living in South Wales during early Spring! So of course we chose to shoot indoors, the couple opting for the comfort of their own home. Which is always a brilliant choice as couples feel much more relaxed during their pregnancy photoshoot when they’re at home. Plus if Mum and Dad are organised enough it means we get to have a sneaky look at the nursery before baby arrives…but we’ll get to that.

We started our session having a good laugh about the not so glamorous aspects of pregnancy, I was six months pregnant myself during this pregnancy photoshoot. So plenty of chat about things such as how the comfort of nursing bras thankfully outweighs the sheer frumpiness of them!

Then we headed upstairs where Liam and Charlotte snuggled up in a sweet embrace on their bed as the rain drizzled down the window. I think you can see how light hearted this pregnancy photoshoot was just by the natural and honest smiles and laughs captured in these photos. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Charlotte for a few years now and I’ve always thought of her as such a fun, happy person. I knew we had to capture her sunshine ray on this drizzly day.

Now I’m about to share one of my favourite images from the pregnancy photoshoot. Charlotte wrapped in a soft light as Liam gently kisses his wife on the cheek and embraces her beautiful bump. Heavenly!

It’s safe to say Charlotte has had a lot of work during this pregnancy, faced with more than her fair share of morning sickness. Not that you would know looking at how much she glowed in this pregnancy photoshoot! Pregnancy is hard work and there are times you feel completely drained by it. But we carry on, we embrace the beauty it has to offer too, the excitement, the love, the awe! A pregnancy photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate the best parts of pregnancy and have images to enjoy it forever more!

Do you remember I mentioned that having a pregnancy photoshoot at home means we get a sneaky look at the nursery? Well he we are! Baby is one very lucky little one indeed with such a lovingly crafted nursery all ready to welcome her home!

Finally Liam had dropped several very unsubtle hints that he was itching to involve their beloved dog, Frank, in the pregnancy photoshoot. I as always was more than happy to have this big softie involved as I know how important pets are in a family, especially a family who have been waiting for their baby to arrive. I have to admit that he was maybe a little too interested in me and the clicking noise my camera made to pose, but I still think we caught a little of this big dogs nature!

Thank you so much to Charlotte and Liam for welcoming me into their home to give them a relaxed pregnancy photoshoot, I had a lot of fun!

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I am getting ready to start my own maternity leave but depending on when you are reading this there should still be time to book your own pregnancy photoshoot. Drop me a message and we can have a chat!

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