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It’s so fun to be able to offer my relaxed approach of lifestyle newborn photography in such strange times! This past month my diary has been full of social distanced garden portrait sessions. Meeting all these beautiful lockdown babies has been a joy, talk about broody! …Don’t tell my husband ‘kay?

Emma and Emlyn cradle Mabel

Emma and Emlyn were one of the lucky winners of my social distance giveaway! They were excited to have won and you know something? I was too, because their family were brilliant! We had such a fun time hanging out in their garden and I’m so glad I got the chance to meet them all.

Such a happy family!

A proud big brother. 

Such a good big brother.

Big brother Finn is four years old and at that wonderful, curious age. It is really fun to see the world through their eyes, finding new interest in things you now take for granted…However as the Mother of a three year old who also has lots of questions I know how tiring it can be sometimes too ha! Finn was lovely though, a confident and happy chap. He asked me plenty of questions about what I was doing, why I had two cameras and before I knew it he brought out his own camera to help me document this time!

Had some competition from a budding photographer!

Finn was absolutely a source of entertainment and I was besotted with the love he had for his little sister. One proud big brother for sure! The whole session he spent giving her kisses, stroking her head, her arms. All completely unprompted! I usually have to do some major bargaining to get siblings to interact with baby for those love filled lifestyle newborn photography shots. But not Finn! It was easy to catch lots of sweet images of the two together. Right at the end of the session we wanted to get some of just brother and sister, which we did. These lovely photos however were taken seconds before Mabel spit up on her big brother! Finn was a star though, both soon cleaned up and not a tear in sight! Mabel is a lucky girl to have such a fab, doting big brother.

Sweet cuddles with brother and sister

Button nose love.

Emotive lifestyle newborn photography.

You are so loved little Mabel

As I said, getting to spend the morning hanging out in this little Abergavenny sanctuary was a delight. Chatting and taking photos whilst shaded by the family abundant fruit tress. It really was a little oasis. Both Emma and Emlyn are the loveliest people, so laid back and friendly. They made me feel completely welcome in their garden.

A moment of peace for Mum.

The love this family has was so abundantly clear, it was a breeze to tell their story with these images. I barely had to give any direction I was free to capture little gestures of affection. Like this image where Emma laughs as she lovingly looks at the man she’s built a life with.

The look of love is in your eyes!

Mabel I wish you the very best for in life. She has the best start in life, surrounded by support and love from her wonderful family.

Welcome to the world beautiful Mabel.

I honestly could gush about this lot for forever and not just because they presented me with a bottle of Prosecco as I left, to say thank you. Although that certainly helps! They were honestly brilliant and I hope I get the chance to document their thriving family in the future.

Thank you for letting me capture these memories!

Now it's your turn.

If you would like to create your own lifestyle newborn photography in a safe way then take a look here. After so many of these gorgeous sessions I’ve realised that half an hour is just not enough time to celebrate a family welcoming a new edition. So the service will soon be an hour and the price will increase. Get in touch now if you’d like to take advantage of this low cost service before it’s gone!

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Sarah Haile is a Mother, Wife and Photographer based in Abergavenny, South Wales. Since her transformation into Motherhood she uses her camera to celebrate and empower the journeys of the Mothers she meets.

….she also quite likes speaking in the third person..

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