Motherhood Photography South Wales - Breastfeeding Photographer - Chenise & Imogen

It’s that time again where I get to show you the joys of being a breastfeeding photographer! I have another wonderful nursing session to share with you, this time with the beautiful Mother daughter duo, Chenise & Imogen.

Our session together took place in the grounds of Abergavenny Castle, a favourite haunt of mine. And as any local can tell you an absolutely picturesque spot complete with a willow garden which tells the story of a dragon attacking the castle. This is where we chose to create our breastfeeding portraits.

Being a breastfeeding photographer is quite a niche job description but it’s a joyous one. Getting to create these intimate portraits of Mothers bodies doing one of the most magical things a body can do is an absolute honour!

Who else finds it breath taking that our bodies can create and grow these lives and then continue to sustain them once they have been born!?

During our breastfeeding photographer session I asked Chenise what is one of her favourite things about breastfeeding. A hard question as anyone could tell you, she later told me…

“My favourite thing about breastfeeding is that you will always have those moments with your baby just to stop, connect and be. The whole world can go by and I wouldn't notice!”

Which I think is just the most perfect answer! And I really think we were able to capture a little bit of that joy in these images. As Chenise comfortably sits in the grounds of a 12th century castle, staring down and her daughter, just smiling, unaware of anything around her.

I also love that we captured some lighthearted, playful mages where Chenise had a giggle as Imogen performed some impressive gymnastics, mid feed. Feeding an older baby or toddler certainly has some challenges! If it’s not the constant wiggling and position changing, its the getting distracted by everything around them, unlatching and exposing your nipple to all nearby!

It is a bit easier when they’re tiny!

As you all know I’m not only a breastfeeding photographer, I create images of families without the boobing. So I couldn’t resist snapping a few of Chenise cuddling Imogen as Imogen turned to face me with a lovely big grin. It’s was lovely to be able to give these images to Chenise along side her breastfeeding portraits. To really capture some of Imogens lovely character!

Chenise prefers not to share photos of Imogens face online so I won’t be sharing those ones here but just know, Imogens little smile lit up my camera!

If you would love to see more of these breastfeeding sessions then you can see the latest one with Katie and Mali here.

And if you would like to talk to a breastfeeding photographer about celebrating your nursing journey then please drop me a message.

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Sarah Haile is a Mother, Wife and Photographer based in Abergavenny, South Wales. Since her transformation into Motherhood she uses her camera to celebrate and empower the journeys of the Mothers she meets.

….she also quite likes speaking in the third person..

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