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Newborn Photography South Wales - Family Newborn Photoshoot - Sisters & Cousin Newborn Session

Is there a better way to celebrate the addition of not one but TWO new babies into a family than with a family newborn photoshoot? I don’t think there is! Which is why I’m so happy to finally share these images of sisters Emma and Laura who had their babies Eli and Ophelia just weeks apart!

Pregnancy is an incredible chapter in a persons life but it can also be a little scary. Wether it’s your first baby, second or tenth! You’re welcoming a new life into the world and you yourself will go through profound changes as a Mother. So I firmly believe in expectant Mothers having a support system of other Mums to be and I simply cannot imagine having a better support than your own sister! I think that this family newborn photoshoot captures the amazing bond that these two sisters share!

Both Emma and Laura have chosen to breastfeed their babies. If you have seen any of my other work you probably know I’m a huge cheerleader for Mothers who want and are able to breastfeed their babies so you know I had to capture a few nursing shots during our family newborn photoshoot.

Ophelia is Lauras second child meaning that this lucky baby girl has a doting big brother who clearly loves her so much! Watching him cuddle his little sister was absolutely heart warming and made for the most blissful moment of calm during the family newborn photoshoot. These two obviously share an incredible bond already, just like the one between their Mum and Auntie! Connection and bonds is exactly what this whole session was about and each image captures the love shared between this lovely family!

We reluctantly took Ophelia from the arms of her big brother (seriously they just looked too sweet together) to head upstairs continuing our family newborn photoshoot. I asked both sisters to sit on the bed together and captured lots of natural shots of the two of them chatting and laughing about the ups and downs of being the Mothers to newborns. There’s one shot in particular where the two are sat laughing both with babies in arms that I just love.

It took me a while to figure why this image from the family newborn photoshoot stood out to me so much. Finally I put my finger on it! When I look at this photo I can vividly imagine these two grown sisters when they were both young girls. I can imagine them playing together in their room, playing house with baby dolls pretending to be Mothers. How were they to know back then that one day they both would be sat together as adults each holding their own tiny babies like this! I think that’s a bit magic!

Speaking of magic, the kind that makes your heart all warm and mushy..we placed both Eli and Ophelia on the bed to get some lovely side by side images of the two. As they both gurgled and squirmed, stretching those arms in the big open world they ended up holding each others hands! We all screamed with excitement, Laura, Emma and myself included. We were taken aback by this sweet moment, so much so that I had to snap myself out of it and remind myself that this was a family newborn photoshoot and I was supposed to be taking photos!! Thankfully I did manage to grab this precious moment for both Mums (and Nanny) to enjoy forever!

I have to say that before I went into this family newborn photoshoot I was a little nervous about how a session with two tiny babies was going to go. But thankfully it was wonderful and I’m so thankful that this lovely family let me be a part of celebrating this happy time!!

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If you have your own questions about a newborn session with me then please drop me a message.

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