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Newborn Photography South Wales - How to get ready for newborn pictures - Get excited!

So you’ve booked your newborn session with me, your in home newborn photographer…but now what?! Fear not, I’ve put together this handy blog sharing with you how to get ready for newborn pictures. We’re going to talk everything from setting the mood to how to help siblings get excited too! Here we go!

Simple tips on how to get ready for newborn pictures without worrying about having a ‘picture perfect’ house. The truth is we only really need one well lit space in your house, so feel free to shove the clutter or anything else away into a room that we won't need to use. Favourite spots to shoot in are your bedroom (don't forget to clear off the bedside tables) or your living room. So you can just focus on those spaces, please don't make extra work for yourself. Beyond that it would be really helpful to me if you could take note of which spaces have lovely natural light during the same time your session is planned for.

A few other things to think about when getting ready for newborn pictures.

We want baby to be comfortable so please ensure your home is nice and warm. I suggest cranking it up to around 26°C half an hour before I arrive.

If there are any particular items such as sentimental toys or blankets you would like to feature in your photos, please gather those together the night before.

Set the tone with music! Having music playing softly in the background can really help you to feel more relaxed. Choose your own playlist or feel free to check out one I created for you! (You'll find a link for it at the end of this blog.)

Have you thought about how to get yourself ready for newborn pictures? As a Mother of two I would like to acknowledge that I am very aware that what I am about to suggest may not be easy for you but please try your best...The night before your session, treat yourself. Do whatever it is that feels restorative, a long bath, yoga, curling up with a book and most importantly rest. Get to bed as early as you can so that you can feel rested and ready to embrace the wonderful experience of celebrating yourself and baby.

Preparing baby for their newborn pictures doesn’t have to be tricky. Sessions are always baby led, whatever baby needs in the moment takes priority. This means if baby is feeling a little fussy on the day, do not worry, we will follow their lead.

That being said there are a couple of things we can do before the session that could help things go a little smoother..

> I mentioned it once before but it really is important for baby to be warm so please warm your home before I arrive.

> Usually it's great to start the session by creating the images of baby on their own, usually on your bed. Lots of people choose to this with baby in just their nappy so it's a good idea to undress baby at the beginning.

> Once baby is ready for their close up, let's fill their bellies up and try to get them sleepy.

> Keep a change of clothes and plenty of wet wipes or muslins close to hand throughout the session. I doubt I really need to explain that one!

Finally let’s talk about how to get siblings ready for newborn pictures. Depending on your older children they may need a little time to feel comfortable with having me in their home. I know how sensitive a time the newborn period is for them, so full of change. Please know I will always pay them just as much attention as I do their siblings and will do my best to connect with them.

I like to give siblings a little time to warm up so usually I will photograph baby or baby with parents and just let your older children know they are free to join whenever they are ready.

That being said, bribery is always an option! I find bubbles or chocolate are usually effective!

All of my newer clients receive this information plus more, along with a few treats to help you relax the night before when they book with me! So if you’re ready to have a bespoke newborn photoshoot experience, please get in touch.

Want to see what a full session with me looks like? Check out this blog.

Here’s the lovely playlist I mentioned earlier, guaranteed to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy!


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