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Newborn Photography South Wales - Natural Baby Photography - A Garden Family Session

I’m finally able to share this wonderful natural baby photography session which took place in this lovely families back garden. A big thank you to Hayley, Dominic, Arthur and of course the beautiful little Louisa for choosing me to create these special memories for them!

newborn baby in south wales fast asleep

Shooting this session we were just coming out of the UKs (first?) lockdown. Hayley had been worried because she thought she wouldn’t be able to have any newborn portraits because of coronavirus. If she had opted to go for the more traditional studio portraits she would have been right. But thanks to my more natural baby photography approach I was able to come to the families garden for their session. We created lots of gorgeous images of babys early days whilst maintaining social distancing.

looking down on couple holding sleeping baby

I was very lucky to meet Louisas big brother Arthur, a little boy full of energy and fuelled by a dinosaur passion! He reminded me so much of my own little boy! One of my favourite moments from the session was when Mum and Dad were sat cuddling Louisa. I was taking their photos whilst Arthur was busy running circles round and round me! A fun challenge to catch my image in-between his laps!

mother holds newborn baby toddler sits on dads shoulder

As I say, Arthur was so full of energy he wasn’t keen on the idea of sitting down for a photo. Most siblings of Arthurs age are the same so as always I didn’t try to force him. I didn’t put any pressure on Louisa and Dominic to try and get Arthur to stay still and pose. Instead we simply took lots of photos of parents and baby whilst Arthur played and told me all about his impressive dinosaur collection. When he was ready he joined in happily for a couple of photos and they came out lovely.

family newborn toddler laughing playing
family young children play dinosaurs

This is real life with a newborn and a young child. Cuddles and chaos! I always want to tell my clients stories authentically with natural baby photography. These images are a time capsule of the families life right now. Hayley and Dominic soaking up those sweet newborn cuddles whilst Arthur tells lots of jokes and has everyone cracking up.

family laughing at toddler playing

It was such a nice time hanging out with this family in their garden on a sunny day. Everyone was relaxed no one more so than little Louisa. She was such a little beauty, happily snoozing the whole way through, enjoying being held close by either Mum or Dad. Through all of my natural baby photography sessions I have absolutely noticed the second baby bliss. First time parents are usually a little more nervous and baby can sometimes be a little unsettled during a session. BUT parents welcoming their second baby into the world are much more relaxed and their babies are always so chilled out!

newborn baby sleep in dads arms
newborn baby sleep dad rubs her head

You know I love to celebrate Mothers in my work, not just with my maternity sessions but during my natural baby photography sessions too! So this little series of images of Hayley looking lovingly down on her sweet baby girl thrill me! The way Hayley looks at Louisa, I can almost she that glowing feeling a Mother gets in her chest when she stares at her child! So powerful.

newborn sleeping on mothers chest
mother kissing sleeping newborn
mother holding newborn baby in south wales

A note from Hayley

Sarah came to our house to take photos of newborn baby in July as I was so disheartened that we wouldn't have the same birth experience as we did with our first and that we would be missing her bounty photos due to covid 19 and not being able to attend anywhere to have a photoshoot... However Sarah changed this with her through the window photoshoot done with social distancing in mind. It was amazing she entered our home and was really relaxed and helped to guide us to get best photos and get all the pictures we wanted... She also did this with our busy toddler running around her and showing a massive interest in her equipment. Sarah made him feel as important as the newborn by taking photos of him with his toy dinosaurs and showing him how her camera worked and allowing him to carefully take a few photos. The shoot was relaxed and so nice. Sarah felt like one of the family and the images are beautiful... We will use her again. Highly recommended.

I posted a behind the scenes from this session on my Instagram to show Arthur and his seemingly endless supply of energy! Be sure to go follow me so you can see all this kind of goodness.

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