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Newborn Photography South Wales - Virtual Newborn Photoshoot - Gabriella & Edward

A very different kind of blog for you this week! As I share the images from my first ever virtual newborn photoshoot! I have to admit it was a little scary jumping into the unknown like this because it’s safe to say that shooting virtually was VERY different from in person. I’m just so grateful for Gabriella being such an amazing model, so willing and wonderful!

I gave Gabriella a call at the beginning of our virtual newborn photoshoot so that she could give me a show around the nursery, I could see where the light was good and where I wanted her to stand. Thankfully we had a lovely sunny day so the room was flooded with lots of lovely natural light!

Our virtual newborn photoshoot began with Edward feeling a bit unsettled. Little man was having a good cry but thanks to some magic Mum cuddles and a little help from faithful dummy he soon settled down and fell straight to sleep.

Once Edward was happily asleep I was able to direct Gabriella as to how to pose to get these images. There were plenty of giggles as I was asking Gabriella to, ‘stand like this, put your hands like that’…..the problem being that Gabriella couldn’t actually see me! Of course during normal sessions I will guide people using my own body! So it was very interesting during the virtual newborn photoshoot to have to rely entirely on giving verbal direction! Thankfully Gabriella was a star and she made my job very easy!

I have to point out this image which I just love, purely for that one little open eye of Edwards. I feel like keeping an eye out wondering, “why is Mummy moving me about when I’m trying to get a bit of shut eye!?”

Next we recruited a little help from Gabriellas partner, who was in the other room thinking he was getting away scot-free! I asked if he could kindly be my surrogate photographer and hold the camera for us. As if trying to direct a model virtually wasn’t unusual enough for me I decided to bring in a third party! But it worked so well! We could get lots more angles, like looking over Gabriellas shoulder to catch the wonderful way her little boy looks up to her!

We were also able to capture this image with the help of Gabriellas partner. It’s my absolute favourite from the session. I cannot get enough of how Edward looks up to the face of his Mummy, his world!

Safe to say the virtual newborn photoshoot was a great new experience and I’m so happy that I now have the ability to document those newborn days for people wherever they are in the world!

Here’s what the lovely Gabriella had to say herself, “Sarah did an amazing virtual newborn photoshoot for me and my son. She was friendly and patient when working out how we could get the best photos on the day. I would definitely recommend Sarah, especially if you’re feeling nervous during the pandemic. I wouldn’t have been able to have such wonderful photos of my son if it wasn’t for her innovative ideas. Thank you so much again Sarah x”

Please enjoy some more newborn goodness here with this actual in person newborn photoshoot

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